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Club Med: 24 hours in the life of a Housekeeper

Two G.Es arranging a bed in one of our Suite in a Club Med Resort

The housekeeper holds an essential position in a Club Med Resort. His/her main mission is to guarantee quality service to customers by ensuring the comfort and cleanliness of their accommodation. This versatile professional masters the specific practices of the hotel industry regarding hygiene and safety. What are his/her duties? What skills are needed to do this job? Project yourself 24 hours into the daily life of a Club Med Resort Housekeeper.

A G.E Housekeeper opening the curtains in a room of one of our Club Med Resort A G.E Housekeeper opening the curtains in a room of one of our Club Med Resort

What is the role of a Housekeeper in a Club Med Resort?

In every Club Med Resort, the quality of service offered to our guests is essential. This is why our teams are particularly attentive to the cleanliness of the accommodation. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, we focus on providing upscale services that combine design, decoration and comfort. In addition, we attach great importance to the hygiene of the common areas, as well as the lodgings.

This is the role of the G.E (Gentle Employee) Housekeepers or Valets, who take care of the daily maintenance of the rooms. Whatever the level of service, these professionals clean the rooms in compliance with hygiene standards. But they also ensure the cleanliness of the furniture, equipment and accommodation in general. Their goal: guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of  our guests, the Gentle Members.

What are the daily missions of a Housekeeper?

Each day, the Housekeeper works on several missions. The tasks to be carried out vary from one day to the next. It depends on the scheduled arrivals and departures. Imagine 24 hours in the shoes of a chambermaid through this article.

The professional begins the day with a meeting with the team for the assignment of rooms. The housekeeper manager provides each G.E the list of rooms to be cleaned, as well as details concerning special cases and priorities. What is the maximum number of rooms per housekeeper? Between 10 and 20 per day. In order to facilitate the daily life of our housekeepers, we make sure to propose coherent processes according to the situations and offer good equipment: light and wireless vacuum cleaners, multifunctional cleaning products, etc...

The Housekeeper cleans the occupied accommodations. She makes the beds, sanitizes the bathrooms, and replaces towels and floor mats. She then takes care of the cleaning of the rooms when they leave. She changes the bed and bath towels, washes each room and supplies new care products. Finally, the day ends with a debriefing with the housekeeper, during which she makes any remarks about the state of the rooms. This allows the technical staff to intervene if necessary.

Because of her mission, the Housekeeper is a key person in the stay of our Gentle Members (G.M). A highly trusted person, she is indeed our G.M.s privileged interlocutor: she is the guarantor of their personal well-being throughout their stay.

A G.E Housekeeper smiling in a room of one of our Club Med Resort A G.E Housekeeper smiling in a room of one of our Club Med Resort

What skills should a Housekeeper have?

The position of G.E Housekeeper in a Club Med Resort requires a variety of skills. Housekeepers must be discreet while being pleasant and smiling with guests. Organization, thoroughness and speed are also among the skills required for this job.

Housekeeper: how to evolve in this sector?

Club Med offers an exceptional environment for growth and evolution. By working in a Resort, you develop your skills and learn to master the specific techniques of the hotel industry. Quickness comes with practice. Over time, professionals adopt the organizational methods and actions that make them more efficient. At Club Med, many initiatives have been implemented to facilitate the work of the Housekeepers, particularly in terms of equipment.

Moreover, it is possible to train and move on to other professions, such as Butler, through experience and, for those who wish, by obtaining a diploma thanks to the work-study system set up by Club Med. The aim is to acquire a recognized qualification and valuable experience.

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