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Our commitments

Since its creation in 1950, a pioneering company with a responsible vision 

Club Med's history has forged a strong conviction: the moments of happiness it offers its customers must be shared; they cannot be experienced at the expense of others or of nature. 

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Key dates from 1950 to the present day

1950: birth of Club Méditerranée, a non-profit association. 

1965: opening of the first permanent resort in Agadir, Morocco, to help rebuild a region devastated by the 1960 earthquake. 

1973: construction of the first wastewater treatment plant in Mauritius at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers. 

1978: Europe's largest array of solar panels is installed at Club Med Les Boucaniers in Martinique. 

1979: Club Med becomes one of the first French companies to create its own foundation. 

2005: creation of Club Med's sustainable development department. 

2012: Valmorel, the first mountain hotel in France to be certified HQE (high environmental quality). 

2013: China's first natural swimming pool is built in Club Med Guilin. 

2017: creation of the first eco-construction standard for Resorts in partnership with the Building Research Establishment, the independent body that awards the internationally recognised BREEAM certification. 

2019: Club Med's approach to sustainable tourism is renamed "Happy to Care". 

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2020: Club Med eliminates single-use disposable plastic in all restaurants and bars at all its Resorts worldwide. 

2021: 100% of Resorts certified Green Globe, the internationally recognised independent certification for sustainable day-to-day management, with the aim of remaining at this level. 

2021: Club Med eliminates all activities involving direct interaction with captive animals. 

2023: Club Med Tignes becomes the first mountain Resort in France to obtain BREEAM “Very Good” certification. 

A long-standing commitment, a renewed approach based on three pillars 

Club Med was founded on the idea that "The purpose of life is to be happy. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now". And tomorrow too.

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Accelerating local development, committed to sharing value locally 

Club Med Resorts could not have been accepted, nor integrated sustainably into countries with such different cultures, without a profound respect and spirit of responsibility towards its host countries.  
The presence of a Club Med Resort has economic and social spin-offs for the host region through local employment, transfers of know-how, local purchasing... Club Med seeks to go further and strives to maximise and extend these benefits. 

- More than 65% of fresh produce purchases are made in the countries where the Resorts are located. 
- Solidarity at the heart of the Club Med Foundation.  

- Nearly 80% of the jobs created by Club Med are filled locally.  

- Several hundred local farmers are supported and trained in agro-ecology through the "Green Farmers" programme. 

An expert in dream locations, aware of their fragility and committed to preserving our exceptional natural heritage. 

Club Med is committed to offering eco-certified holidays and tours. 

The construction of new Resorts is certified BREEAM or equivalent depending on the region, and the day-to-day management of our Resorts is Green Globe certified, two internationally recognised and independent certifications. 

In addition to these labels, there are concrete eco-commitments such as the elimination of single-use plastic, the fight against food waste, the fight against animal abuse in tourism, and the creation of activities to discover and protect nature. 

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Did you know? Club Med is a pioneer in corporate social responsibility.

Launched in 1978, it is one of the oldest foundations set up by a company in France to encourage employees to get involved in community projects and in recycling old equipment for use by charities. 

The Club Med Foundation was born of a conviction: "The more happiness we share, the more we receive.” 

Today, the Foundation continues to forge ahead by developing new forms of solidarity. These involve the time and skills of our teams, as well as the entire Club Med value chain, to benefit associations located near our Resorts and Offices. 

Its two priorities? To support vulnerable children by giving them better access to education and leisure activities, and to protect biodiversity. 

Since the Foundation was created, thousands of G.Os and G.Es from our Resorts and Offices have committed to supporting over 300 partners in more than 20 countries. 

Inventor of the G.O and G.E concept, and committed to offering more than just a job, a life-changing experience  

Club Med offers a unique model in terms of career paths that enable employees to acquire, develop and make the most of a range of skills, knowledge and human qualities underpinned by the Club Med Spirit and our values: kindness, multiculturalism, responsibility, pioneering spirit and freedom. 

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A unique culture and spirit that must be experienced to be fully understood 

Develop team spirit, the desire to work and grow in contact with other G.Os and G.Es as well as G.Ms (Gentle Members, our guests) and forge bonds for life, in a unique atmosphere and exceptional workplaces. For a season or for life, more than a job, Club Med offers an incredible experience that transforms those who try it and often becomes a real springboard to the future. 

Challenge yourself and venture into the unknown: dare to experience new things, learn to express yourself with ease in small groups and in public, gain confidence... With Club Med, you'll have the opportunity and the freedom to express your personality to boost your self-confidence!

Working every day with people from all walks of life 

Thanks to its international success and the mobility of its teams, Club Med is able to make people of very different origins, nationalities and religions live and work together, allowing them to open up to other cultures and learn new languages.

- Our teams are made up of around 110 nationalities. 
- 50% of Resorts welcome G.Os and G.Es of ten or more nationalities. 
- Some of our Resorts can accommodate up to 35 different nationalities, including G.Os and G.Es. 

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Join our teams for a mission, a season... or a life career 

Club Med is a real social ladder, enabling every G.O and G.E to progress quickly within the company, whatever their origin, background or qualifications. 

As a committed employer, Club Med defines itself as a "learning company" and has long understood that the transmission of know-how and interpersonal skills, coupled with the mastery of competencies, lead to the fulfilment of its employees. That's why the “Université des Talents by Club Med” was set up in 2006 to train all our teams throughout their careers.  

On average, more than 30% of G.Os change jobs from one year to the next, and 31% are able to take advantage of the international mobility offered internally in 2023.  

Protecting others and ourselves

We have established a common, global framework for preventing and combating abusive and addictive behaviour through an internal programme called KARE (Keep out Abuses and Respect Everyone). 

To reaffirm our five values, in particular responsibility, Club Med has also adopted a code of ethics, complemented by an anti-corruption code aimed at maintaining relationships of trust with our work environment. By learning these limits and knowing our rights, we can protect ourselves and others.

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