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Frequently asked questions

Need more details? Here are some of the most common questions we hear from candidates.

Am I able to go back home during the contract period?

Our G.Os and G.Es are free to travel wherever they want during their weekly day(s) off. If the distance allows it, you can spend your day resting at home. However, we cannot pay for your travel costs to and from your home during the season.

Am I also covered outside the Resort?

G.Os and G.Es are covered by a civil liability insurance exclusively within the framework of his professional activities for which he is mandated. To be covered on a private basis, it is necessary to subscribe to a personal civil liability insurance.

Can I access to sport facilities in Resort?

All our G.Os, during their time off, can take advantage of the Resort's sports facilities. However, they should always give priority to customers. Sports equipment, includind ski gear, is loaned free of charge, according to availability. You also benefit from a major reduction on the season's ski pass.

Are travel expenses to and from the Resort refunded?

Club Med undertakes to reimburse all or part of travel expenses, depending on the situation (subject to terms communicated with the assignment).

Can I choose the Resort I want to work in?

Our Human Resources managers decide on the Resort to which you are assigned, depending on available positions and your skills (professional experience, foreign languages, qualifications, etc.)

Can I have a pet in the Resort?

Pets are unfortunately not allowed in our Resorts.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen and towels?

We supply and wash all bed linen and towels.

Do I need to bring my own professional equipment?

Professional equipment is supplied in our Resorts (for example, kitchen knife sets or sports equipment).

Do I need to pay for drinks at the bar?

Our G.Os can be served soft drinks free of charge (soda, fruit juice, coffee, tea, etc.).

Do I need to pay for my accommodation?

G.Os and G.Es make a financial contribution to their accommodation and their meals, depending on their contracts and location (this contribution is deducted from their pay).

Do I need to take out additional insurance?

Even if G.Os and G.Es are covered by social security, it is advisable to take out complementary insurance or mutual insurance.

How do I care for my laundry in the Resort?

All our Resorts are equipped with washing machines, dryers and irons.

How long do I need to be available?

The season varies between 3 and 8 months, depending on the Resort. However, some of our jobs are available for shorter periods, in particular the summer holidays.

How should I dress in the Resort?

As a G.E, work clothes will be provided to you by the Resort's Laundry department.
As a G.O, during the day, you should wear your G.O outfit (G.O polo shirts will be provided upon your arrival) or, if required by your job, your professional outfit.
In the evening, the G.O team, as well as customers, are invited to dress according to the evening dress code.

Is a passport compulsory?

For G.Os who may be assigned abroad, it is recommended to have a passport but it depends on your status and country of assignment.

Is it compulsory to speak a foreign language?

Not necessary, it all depends on the profession you are applying for. In any case, speaking a foreign language is always a quality that we appreciate.

May I be assigned to the same Resort as a friend?

Our applications are processed individually. Our teams are brought together according to available positions in each Resort. We cannot therefore guarantee that you will be assigned with a friend but you can surely discuss this with your recruiter.

May I benefit from preferential rates on ski equipment and passes when working in a mountain Resort?

Ski equipment is loaned according to availability. You also benefit from a major reduction on the season's ski pass.

May I bring my family with me to the Resort?

We house our teams in our Resorts but cannot accommodate the families of our employees in our workplaces.

May I invite friends and family to the Resort?

For all invitations to the Resort, the G.O should obtain prior approval from the Resort Manager. With this invitation, and depending on availability, a reduction on the full-board (excluding transport) may be granted to the G.O.

May I travel to the Resort with my own vehicle?

If you wish, you may travel to the Resort using your own means.

What about cleaning of my accommodation?

The housekeeping staff will clean your room once a week. You are however required to keep it clean throughout the season.

What are my insurances and social coverage?

Our G.Os and G.Es are covered in case of illness and accident for the entire duration of the employment contract.

What is my accommodation like in the Resort?

Often, our employees are housed in double or triple rooms (2 or 3 individual and closed sleeping areas, and a shared bathroom and toilet), on site or sometimes near the Resort. In some Resorts, when the structure allows it, G.Os and G.Es can be housed alone.

What reductions may I be offered?

Our G.Os may benefit from preferential rates at the Boutique, the Discovery office and the Spa in the Resort.

What are the different steps of the recruitment process?

Once your application is received, our recruitment team contacts you for an initial 15-minute telephone interview. You will then be invited to take part in a recruitment session (possibly online) for a final interview. If everything goes well, our recruitment team will share with you the name of your future Resort!

Can I apply for more than one job?

There's no need to apply for more than one job on our website. When our recruiters get in touch with you, you can share them your interest in other positions.

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Can I apply for more than one job?

There's no need to apply for more than one job on our website. When our recruiters get in touch with you, you can share them your interest in other positions.

Can I apply spontaneously?

All our positions are available on our career website. If the job you want to apply is not available at the moment, we invite you to create a job alert to be notified when the position becomes available.

Can we telework?

We work in Smartworking in our offices to get the best out of the collective and the teleworking, which is possible for up to 2 days a week - for all office employees working more than 60% of a full-time job - as well as one full week every 3 months, with the agreement of the manager and up to a limit of 90 days per year.
We aslo offer a week of ""Workation"", allowing our employees who are eligible to work remotely to telework in the Resort of their choice, provided that it is located in the same time zone as their office.
For our teams working in agencies, the daily physical reception of our clients is a priority, and teleworking is not possible.

How can I apply abroad?

On our website, you can filter our job offers by location and thus access opportunities in all our offices and agencies around the world.

How long will it take to receive a response to my application?

The length of time it takes to process applications may vary from one position to another, but Club Med is committed to responding to each applicant who has expressed an interest in one of our positions.

What are the different steps of the recruitment process?

The recruitment process may vary depending on the position you've applied for. Generally, on receipt of your application, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial discussion. This is followed by an interview with the manager and/or HR manager. Depending on the role, you could also be asked to attend another interview.

What is the induction process like?

In France for example, our induction process is based on two main stages:

1. A ""business"" induction program, tailored to your needs, designed and implemented by your manager.

2. A ""Club Med"" induction course, common to all our new office recruits, to be completed during their first year with the company. This course includes: an e-learning induction module, an induction day at our La Villette headquarters in Paris, a ½ day immersion in a Club Med agency and a one-week immersion in a Club Med Resort to discover the daily life of our G.Os and G.Es and to live our G.Ms’ holiday experience.

Will I be able to access trainings all along my career at Club Med?

Your development is essential to us, which is why we created the Université des Talents in 2006. Its mission is to support personal development, encourage performance and inspire careers.
The Université des Talents exists in each of our Offices & Resorts around the world and consists of a team of dedicated trainers who will support your development on the job. We also value the knowledge and expertise of our own teams and rely on an internal network of over 130 ongoing trainers, experts or professional references who help pass on their knowledge and experience to colleagues and new employees.

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What are Crazy Signs?

They are very special moments, specific to Club Med, when G.Os come together to share the Resort's traditional dances with G.Ms.

What is a G.O, a G.E and a G.M?

G.Os are Club Med's ""Gentle Organizers"", their mission is to ensure the activity of the Resort while providing unforgettable moments for the clients during their stay. Beyond their job, our G.Os share moments of joy and forge links with our G.Ms. In the evening, they sometimes swap their work clothes for a suit, and perform on stage for those who want to reveal their talents.The G.Es, or ""Gentle Employees"", have a sense of service and detail, particularly in the hotel, restaurant and maintenance trades.
G.Os and G.Es are one and the same team working towards the same goal, that of satisfying our G.Ms, ""Gentle Members"", our customers!

What is a Resort?

Resort is the word we used to designate the amazing places that are our Club Med sites. Situated in exceptional locations, they offer various services: lodging and dining but also sports, childcare, wellness and events.
We invite you to consult the ""Who we are"" page to learn more about our Resorts.

What is a Trident?

The Trident symbolises a Resort's level of service. At Club Med, we have several levels of service, depending on the comfort and services provided: 3 or 4 Tridents and Exclusive Collection.

How do I proceed if I am recognized as a disabled worker?

At Club Med, all positions are open to people with disabilities, and recruiters are aware of this. If you are concerned, you can indicate your status as a disabled worker during the recruitment process.

What commitments does Club Med make to disabled workers?

Convinced that the diversity of our teams is a source of wealth, Club Med has been committed to the integration of disabled people since 2007, and has defined new objectives in its 5th company agreement on the employment of disabled people, aimed at:
- integrate a greater number of disabled employees into our teams
- adapt workstations,
- support the employees and improve their daily lives,
- encourage them to remain in employment,
- raise awareness and train employees about disability,
- promote the use of the adapted sector purchasing and subcontracting contracts.

What commitments does Club Med take regarding diversity in the workplace?

As a committed employer, we offer our employees not only a job but also life experiences that include diversity, integration and equal opportunities. Club Med's international success, combined with the nomadic nature of our workforce, allows us to bring together people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures to live and work together. Our teams are made up of 110 nationalities: 90% of our Resorts welcome G.Os and G.Es of 9 or more nationalities (33% of our Resorts gather at least 15 nationalities).

How to access information on Club Med's CSR policy?

Discover our actions and commitments towards a sustainable tourism here.

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