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Hacer un año sabático en Club Med

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What to do during a gap year? This is a question that many students around the world ask themselves. With Club Med, you have the opportunity to work in a high-end tourist destination until you return to your university career.

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Why doing a gap year at Club Med?

Doing a gap year at Club Med will help you develop your skills and gain valuable experience for your resume. Many positions offer room and board for a flat fee. We offer nearly 70 resorts, mainly in France, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. With Club Med, you have the opportunity to travel to a dream destination, to socialize with colleagues and clients from all over the world, and to create unforgettable memories. It is also a way to boost your skills, to progress in foreign languages and to adapt professionally in a multicultural environment.

Within our teams, you can make the most of your gap year and, depending on your experience, training and skills, you will have access to a wide range of jobs. Club Med offers a wide range of 120 different job roles in a variety of locations around the world. Whatever your level of training and qualifications, you're sure to find an opportunity that matches your qualifications and personality.

Most of these positions are open on a temporary contract basis, as they are closely linked to our seasonal activities: this is the ideal type of contract if you are a student on a gap year. Depending on the job, it is also possible to work on a permanent contract, and as a seasonal worker, you can work all year round if you wish.

What to do during a gap year at Club Med?

Although it is optional, the gap year is a way to improve your education, to prepare you for the professional world and to make a life project come true. The gap year does not have to last a full year, but it is important that it begin at the same time as your semester of study. To do a gap year at Club Med, you must first get approval from your school or university. We offer a variety of jobs in several areas: hospitality, childcare, wellness, sports, arts, entertainment, support and sales. Whatever your position, your main mission is to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers and to make their stay unforgettable. In other words, to take pleasure in giving pleasure every day! With a seasonal contract, you can benefit from social security coverage and medical assistance according to the policies of the country in which you work.

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How to do a gap year at Club Med?

If you are looking to take a gap year, you should write a letter to your school principal explaining your plans. Once your school or university has approved your application, you can send it to Club Med. To do so, go to and choose the job that matches you. Then apply with a resume and submit an application in which you explain your ambition for this gap year. If your profile matches, you will receive an answer from our recruiter.

Club Med colabora con varias escuelas y ofrece 200 cursos de formación interna y diplomas para los empleados de G.Os® y G.Es®, así como programas de licenciatura que pueden cursarse con o sin titulación superior.

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