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Quel est le métier de Responsable de Bar au Club Med ?

L'un de nos Bars dans un de nos Resorts Club Med

Hotels and restaurants play a major role in Club Med's activities. Each Resort has at least two bars, providing a convivial space for holidaymakers. These are places where customers can come together to enjoy a moment of relaxation in warm surroundings. One of the professionals working in these establishments is the Bar Manager. Here's what you need to know about the job of Bar Manager: role, training, missions, etc.

What is the role of a Bar Manager?

The main role of a Bar Manager is to manage all aspects of a bar's operations. This includes customer relations, managing a team and controlling results. The aim of the Head Bartender is to offer a quality service to his customers, in order to guarantee the best possible experience for them. To achieve this, he does everything possible to create a warm atmosphere and make the bar a convivial place.

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How do I become a Bar Manager?

The job of Head Bartender requires specific knowledge and management skills. To work as a Bartender in a Club Med Resort, you need to have significant experience in a similar position. We mainly recruit professionals who have already worked as a Bar or Restaurant Manager. A diploma in hotel and restaurant management is also required to become a Bar Manager.

Joining Club Med's bar team has a considerable advantage: it offers you interesting career prospects. We are committed to supporting our employees in achieving their professional goals. After several seasons, you can progress to Assistant Bar Manager or Bar Manager.

What does a Bar Manager do at Club Med?

The Bar Manager performs a number of tasks on a daily basis. As Manager, he/she coordinates all the actions to be implemented in the Resort's various bars. He or she is responsible for organizing events in the establishments and creating a specific atmosphere in each one. He/she supervises a team of between 10 and 20 people. He or she also manages all economic aspects: analysis of results, stocks, orders, etc.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Head Bartender also works with customers. They welcome customers and serve them drinks. He or she provides personalized advice to create a close relationship with each of our Gentle Members (G.M), our customers.

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What skills and qualities are required to become a Bar Manager at Club Med?

The position of Bar Manager at Club Med requires both technical and personal skills. In addition to knowledge specific to the bartending and catering professions, the Bar Manager has a number of other qualities. To perform this role, you need to be sociable and enjoy making contact with people. You'll be interacting with customers, as well as with other professionals at the Resort. You'll also need to be organized and efficient in your daily work.

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