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Les métiers de la restauration au Club Med

Nombreux et variés, les métiers de la restauration font partie du cœur des Resorts Club Med.

Un serveur qui prépare une table au restaurant

Numerous and varied, the catering professions are at the heart of Club Med Resorts. From the kitchen to the dining room, from the bar to lounge areas, they ensure a real connection with our customers and contribute to offering them a unique experience: show cooking, aperitifs, themed meals... The missions carried out by a Restaurant Employee, always in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, play an active part in Club Med's upmarket image.

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Restaurant Employee : What are a waiter's missions at Club Med?

A Waiter in the restaurant industry is a job in direct contact with our Club Med customers in our Resorts located in paradisiacal sites all over the world. The role of the Waiter is to welcome customers and ensure their satisfaction. The waiter must also guarantee the quality of the service, compliance with hygiene and safety rules and the maintenance of equipment. He/she is responsible for setting up, arranging and decorating the tables before the arrival of customers, and clearing them after their departure.

Being a Waiter at Club Med and joining our teams also means taking part in an upmarket and refined offer that will enhance your sense of creativity and your range of skills. Playing on the senses and emotions, creating memorable experiences, surprising with conceptual equipment and restaurant spaces, and being concerned about the well-being of everyone are also part of the DNA of the Club Med brand.

What training should I take to become a Waiter in the restaurant industry?

As a Waiter at Club Med, you are the link between the buffet and the restaurant. As the guarantor of our upmarket reputation, you must demonstrate good interpersonal skills with our customers by being eloquent, attentive and sociable. Foreign language skills, especially English, are an asset for communicating with our guests in the Resorts but are not mandatory. You can become a Waiter in Club Med with several diplomas, including a Professional Baccalaureate in Sales and Catering Services, a BEP in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a CAP in Restaurant Management, a CAP in Hotel Services or a CAP in Catering Management.

However, Club Med gives priority to skills and, above all, to experience. Depending on your experience, you are not required to have one of these diplomas to access our various jobs. And with experience as a Waiter, you will be eligible for numerous career developments. You will have the possibility of quickly becoming a Manager or even a Restaurant Manager.

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What are the tasks of a Dishwasher at Club Med?

Beeing a Dishwasher in Club Med consists of maintaining and cleaning the kitchens while respecting the rules of hygiene and food safety. The Dishwasher is responsible for disinfecting, cleaning and tidying dishes, glassware, utensils and kitchen robots. You will have access to modern equipment and use industrial dishwashing equipment such as washing tunnels. You will also clean workstations as required. You will also be responsible for sorting waste, clearing bins, etc.

As a Restaurant Dishwasher, you may be required to become a multi-skilled worker. You will then develop your skills. For example, you may be able to help the kitchen team by preparing dishes, participate in the inventory of cleaning products and receive goods to the storeroom or cold room.

What kind of training should I get to become a dishwasher?

To become a Dishwasher at Club Med, you need to be quick, meticulous and have an eye for detail. It is also important to always keep a close eye on hygiene and cleanliness. You don't need to have a degree to work. As a Dishwasher at Club Med, you will have several career development opportunities. With experience, you can become a Dishwasher Supervisor. This job gives you new responsibilities, including managing a team of Dishwashers. You can also follow additional training to become a Kitchen Assistant and join a brigade, or even become a Barman.

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