Arthur, Head of Omnichannel Sales


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“Hello, my name is Arthur, I have been working at Club Med since January 2017 and I am now in charge of commercial tools for our call-centers and travel agencies.”

What is your role?

“My job is to help our sales forces in both call centers and travel agencies so that they can produce and help our customers in their choice of travel throughout their purchase cycle but also after the stays.”

What motivates your every day?

“What I love about my job is the variety. You have to think about tomorrow's sales systems while at the same time meeting the challenges of everyday life.

Knowing how to play on these two levels is really what motivates us and what makes us progress and it is thanks to this that we manage to produce and deliver quality products.”

What I find fulfilling in my missions are above all the human relationships and especially the diversity of the exchanges.

How did you evolve?

“I started as a product owner for Club Med's APIs; I am now responsible for call centers and travel agencies. The jump between the two is not so obvious, but the link is very simple: the Club Med API is an omnichannel product, available to all our digital channels. After this first experience, I had the opportunity to get a little closer to the users and the business by taking into account all our indirect business, i.e. how we help our partners, how we enable our resellers to sell Club Med better and above all to be autonomous. After several international launches and real successes and adoptions, I now have the opportunity to develop our internal tools by working with our sales forces in call centers in travel agencies.”

What do you love the most about your job?

“What I find fulfilling in my missions are above all the human relationships and especially the diversity of the exchanges: in the same hour, I can communicate with developers, project managers, scrum masters, marketing managers, business experts and even G.Os in Resorts...

I can start my day with a meeting in Shanghai and end it in the United States. All these missions, as diverse as they are varied, with such different people, allow us to continue to develop and adapt as a team to provide the best solution for our users.”

What are your next big challenges?

“In order to meet all the needs of our users, which are very varied, from telephony to knowledge, to the sales process, to after-sales management... Obviously one product is not possible, one technology is not possible. That's why we decided to adopt a product for each sales phase and each action, from telephony with a cloud solution, a CRM to know the data of our customers that we do in partnership with one of the market leaders, a sales site where we base our react and web technologies to adapt and propose the right experience to our salesmen or a post-sales experience that will be based in the future on the same react technology.”

Why did you join Club Med?

“I joined Club Med primarily by chance: I was a consultant for a year and I discovered a world where digital, technology and marketing really blended into one, something I had not seen in previous experiences. I decided to join this adventure and today I have never regretted this opportunity and above all I have never been bored a day.”

Wishing to see more? 

Discover Arthur's interview in video

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