Florian, responsabile sviluppo sostenibile a Parigi


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“Hello, I'm Florian, I'm responsible for sustainable development at Club Med.”

What is your role?

“I joined the company more than ten years ago to manage its environmental and social impacts. Today, this translates into a dedicated program: the "Happy to Care" program, which focuses on the eco-certification of resorts during their construction and operation. It also covers the elimination of single-use plastic, the fight against food waste, the development of agro-ecology near the Resorts and the consideration of animal welfare.”

Club Med is a great multicultural, caring team and a great playground

How did you evolve?

“These are still relatively new professions, whose scope and content are evolving rapidly. I was lucky enough to start out in a Resort on an eco-certification pilot in the operating phase before moving on to the offices, initially with a more operational scope and then with a more strategic one. Today, I am helping to define and deploy Club Med's sustainable development policy.”

What do you love the most about your job?

“To me, Club Med is a great multicultural, caring team and a great playground, so there should be plenty of challenges to take on. If you consider the cross-functional nature of the sustainable development stakes and add the different activities of the company and the different geographical areas in which we operate, I'm lucky enough to be involved in a wide variety of subjects.”

What are your next big challenges?

“The challenges for Club Med in terms of sustainable development are the same as those facing society in general. There is no shortage of these challenges and we are currently working on developing a climate strategy to address this issue more directly.”

Wishing to see more? 

Discover Florian's interview in video!


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