L'alternance au Club Med, par Ilona, Technicienne Son


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My name is Ilona, I am 21 years old and I am a Sound Technician.

What is your background?

"I started by going to a Film School during 3 years and then I continued my studies in another school on a work-study program of 10 weeks with Club Med with a focus on sound and lighting."


Why did you choose Club Med?

"First of all because of the travel opportunities. Second, the lifestyle, and the seasonal work. And finally because we have good equipment and we offer several shows over a whole week. So we have enough to train on different types of events."


What are your main missions?

"It will be to install and to set up a music band. Then to create soundtracks for the shows, that will be played during the evening. So to be behind the scene during the shows to manage the sound and lighting."


What do you like to do on your days off?

"I take the opportunity to go skiing, as we are located at the foot of the slopes. Or I go to eat at the restaurant with my friends or I just go out and get some fresh air, I go for a walk, I go to the pool."


What is your best memory at Club Med?

"It was the Christmas and New Year's Celebrations because we are all so involved in our work. We decorate a lot. We do things in a big way."


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