Technicien lumière DJ

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    Vous êtes

    • Rigoureux, rien ne vous échappe et vous maitrisez la technicité de votre métier
    • Organisé, vous structurez et gérez vos actions par ordre de priorité
    • Dans l’ombre, vous aimez détourner les attentions mais vous êtes conscient que la magie opère grâce à vous

    Vous allez

    • Ensure compliance with the customer contract and the service defined by the Product Department.
    • Customize customer service without incurring additional costs or changing defined standards.
    • Apply the implementation (early season), monitoring (season) and closure (end of season) processes.
    • Be present at key moments of the service to coordinate the teams and be the privileged and recognized interlocutor of the GMs.
    • Guarantee the atmosphere and harmony of the Beach/ Gourmet Lounge area
    • Adapt the organization according to infrastructures, existing equipment and services defined in accordance with Club Med Standards, in agreement with the Product Department
    • Comply with pricing and strengthen the focus to develop revenue on non-BSI products
    • Apply the partnership and referencing agreements Bar (BSI standard)
    • Be responsible for the follow-up of KPIs (attendance, satisfaction, business...).
    • Participate in the development of the investment needs of his department by explaining the needs of his department.
    • Monitor and apply the norms and standards as well as the corrective actions taken.
    • Implement, apply and control the H.A.C.C.P. method and the hygiene and safety rules of the Beach/ Gourmet lounge
    • Guarantee the operation of your service within a given framework (budget, performance, staff) and over a given period of time (duration of assignment).
    • Ensure compliance with the consumption procedures of the Go Village bar and service proBARBIERJENNIFERrs (CM Talents, Training, etc.) imposed by internal control
    • Ensure the monitoring and analysis of the various existing reporting tools and related action plans to optimize revenues
    • Ensure the proper management of current stocks, and inventories, proper maintenance and use of equipment.
    • Ensure that the number of employees matches the needs of the Beach/ Gourmet Lounge service
    • Ensure the reception, implementation and integration of GO/GEs in your department
    • Define personal objectives and support his team or its affiliates, and evaluate them

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