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    Fixed-term contract


    Port St. Lucie, FL, USA


    • Oversees the management of the general stores: Ensures goods movements on the computer (incoming/outgoing), complies with FIFO and ensures the safety of goods.
    • Issues purchase orders according to the availability of stocks and the needs stated by internal customers (CDS)
    • Is responsible for health and safety, proper conservation of products, cleanliness of premises and goods transportation facilities
    • Works closely with country or forwarding agent procurement and supply chain departments.
    • Manages a storekeeper, if applicable.



    • Use and fill in all the documents needed for stock management, and daily updating of the software (Ecomat): purchase order form, delivery slip/invoices and withdrawal slips
    • Take reception of the stated needs of CDSs and issue the corresponding purchase order forms according to the availability of products and/or their stock level for validation by the RSA.
    • Issue DRs while reconciling the statement of requirements, the purchase order form, the delivery slip and the invoice, for validation by the RSA
    • Participate in performing continuous and periodic stock inventories with CDSs and enter them in the IS
    • Organise and monitor the inventories of issued equipment with the CDS
    • Organise and monitor the turnover of goods in minimum stocks (= safety threshold) in a concern for health and safety
    • Ensure that deliveries are in conformity with purchase orders


    • Take delivery of and check ordered goods (designation, price, quantity, DLV and labelling).
    • Enter the receiving of incoming goods on the computer in NAFI WEB AND ECOMAT
    • Inform the supervisor (RSA) of nonconformities


    1. Prepare goods requested via the withdrawal slips issued by departments.
    2. Save incoming and outgoing goods in real time in the computer IS
    3. Withdraw goods and deliver them to the requesting stations (according to the village configuration)



    • Make sure that all premises, equipment, stores and goods transport facilities are kept clean and tidy
    • Stow the received goods in conformity with the rules established by the RSA
    • Check the products
    • Use and comply with health and safety rules
    • Comply with clothing and bodily hygiene rules
    • Ensure the cleanliness in and around the general stores.
    • Ensure the safety of equipment and goods

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    Hospitality & Catering G.E
    Charles, Zineb & Kevin

    You will join the Logistics team

    By joining the Club Med Logistics team, you’ll handle stock management and the hotel and restaurant supply chain across the resort’s different departments, with:

    • Between 500 and 1,500 clients accommodated every week
    • Teams of 2 to 10 people working in cooperation with other departments of the resort

    What is it living in a Resort

    • You can go and discover our Resorts established in the most beautiful parts of the world
    • You'll experience unique life moments with the guests and/or your G.O and G.E colleagues, with whom you’ll forge bonds for life
    • You'll have the opportunity to learn and develop with the seasons, discovering new jobs and new services
    • You'll belong to multi-cultural teams, which share the values of being kind and open-minded.

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