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Room service is an essential part of ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing to the reputation of Club Med. Room service staff perform an indispensable function in the hotel industry. Their role is to ensure the cleanliness of hotel rooms and common areas in compliance with sanitary protocol. 

What is room service and what are your tasks?

At Club Med, room service includes all functions related to the maintenance and tidying of hotel rooms: 

  • Room maintenance employee ; 

  • Maintenance employee for the common areas; 

  • Linen room attendant ; 

  • Laundry/Laundry Manager 

  • Assistant General Housekeeper ; 

  • General housekeeper ; 

  • Floor manager; 

  • Chalet Master/Majordomo. 

In a key area of our premium service, the Room Attendant must have a keen eye for detail, but also a good understanding of hygiene and cleanliness. You will also have to work discreetly as you enter the privacy of our customers. As a floor attendant at Club Med, you will have several tasks to carry out to ensure that our customers have an unforgettable stay. Depending on your job, your main tasks may include making beds, disinfecting bathrooms and toilets, keeping the floors tidy, initiating restocking, but also looking after the linen room. 

In this way, you will contribute to delivering a top-of-the-range service, a premium service that meets our customers' expectations. As such, you will be the guarantor of their satisfaction with these various missions aimed at ensuring their optimal comfort in complete safety. 

What training is required to join the Club Med room service?

Club Med pays particular attention to people with experience in a top-of-the-range hotel and/or a vocational training certificate in Hotel Services or in Maintenance and Hygiene of Premises. However, accommodation positions are open to people who do not have a diploma and who have the necessary skills and motivation to learn a new trade. 

Indeed, even if you do not have a diploma or significant experience in these specific missions, Club Med gives you the opportunity to train for a real job and/or to develop your skills. Often, vocations emerge through the experiences of our staff within Club Med. While working for our brand, you will also have the opportunity, depending on your motivation and skills, to follow in-house training courses in order to progress to managerial positions, for example Floor Manager or General Manager. 

Why join the Club Med hotel room service?

Room service is always looking for new recruits, especially at Club Med where the need is great. Room service is the ideal job for methodical people who are rigorous, have a sense of organisation and know how to manage their time perfectly. It is also suitable for people who have an excellent sense of observation and who are able to detect a malfunction in any location. As a Floor Staff in Club Med, you will always be surrounded by a smiling and dynamic team. 

What are the qualities required of a Floor Attendant?

The key to Club Med hotel room service is responsiveness, autonomy and above all discretion. The aim is to preserve the privacy of our guests so that they feel at home. You must always remain attentive and use gentle language towards our guests to guide them and offer them a unique experience. Foreign language skills, especially English, are an advantage in communicating with some guests but are not mandatory. In fact, it is common to learn a new language while immersed in Club Med. The behaviour of the floor staff must always remain impeccable in order to meet Club Med's premium offer.

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