Work in Club Med Resorts

    Are you ready to join us ?

    You may be just about to embark on the Club Med adventure. What do you need to know before setting out?

    Are you ready to come and work in our Resorts ?

    To join our team, you have to be prepared to leave your home for the duration of your contract.

    Are you ready for your next destination ?

    Our job positions are often open in several of our 70 resorts all around the globe. According to your availability, experience and profile, our recruiter will propose you a matching destination. Your first season will most probably either in your home country, or in the geographical zone your home country belongs to.

    Are you ready to meet people from all around the world ?

    You love to travel and are looking for new adventures? We're meant to work together! You speak different languages? This will be a great advantage for your application! We have an international clientele, and our teams are multicultural. French and English are mostly welcomed.

    Are you ready to embrace Club Med spirit ?

    Your enthusiasm, customer service skills and team spirit are what make the difference to our guests. Are you passionate, attentive, and find it easy dealing with people? You're exactly who we're looking for! If, in addition to this, you also have talent and a festive spirit... You are ready for a life-changing experience!

    Working conditions in Resorts


    Available for a week or for a season? We offer you flexibility with Seasonal fixed-term contract.

    Should you end the season with a positive assessment, you may be offered the opportunity to conclude a new seasonal contract at Club Med according to the availabilities in our villages.

    > Travel expenses are paid depending on the contract & destination.


    Depending on the law in force in the country of the resort where you will be working.


    In most cases, affiliation to the local social security system and, in some cases, provision of supplementary or substitute insurance, depending on the Club Med policies of the country of recruitment and the regulations applicable in the country where you will be working. Disability & hospitalization are also always covered.


    You'll have medical assistance service in most resorts or nearby (doctors and nurses); & assistance (repatriation in the event of an incident under the conditions defined by the assistance contract). Further information on working conditions is provided when you are recruited.

    Living conditions in Resorts

    Stunning workplaces

    At Club Med, live where you work / work where you live.

    • If you join us as G.O, accommodation is provided with your contract (housing contribution is deducted from your salary).
    • If you join us as G.E, housing may be provided depending on your contract and job location.

    Be gourmet everyday

    Meals are also included in your contract (a food contribution is deducted from your salary).

    • If you join us as G.O, you will enjoy the quality and variety of culinary experiences that we offer our clients by sharing meals with them.
    • If you join us as G.E, most of our Resorts propose a dedicated restaurant adapted to your working hours.

    Free yourself from daily constraints

    During your season with us, free yourself from daily constraints (food shopping, cleaning, utilities bills, public transports…) to fully live the Club Med experience.

    • During your season with us, you will represent Club Med and your function by wearing a well designed and practical work outfit provided by Club Med at your arrival.
    • You can take advantage of the laundry service at advantageous conditions (washing machines and tumble driers available). Each village, depending on its structure, has its own organization.

    Experience activities in our Resorts like our G.Ms

    If you join us as G.O, you may during your day-off take advantage of certain services proposed to G.M, depending on availability (sports / soft drinks / preferential rates at profit centers...).

    Resorts organization

    1. What is a resort

    Resort is the new name for what was once called a Village, and is used to designate the unique places that are our Club Med sites. Our Resorts are established in exceptional locations that bring together different services in addition to accommodation and restaurants: events, well-being, sports, looking after children, etc.

    2. A Village Manager

    What is the role of the Village Manager?   

    This is the Resort director, a unique character. He orchestrates everything and is responsible for life at the Resort and the spirit that prevails there. His experience, his organisational skills and his communication skills make him a charismatic manager and leader who embodies the Club Med Spirit at all times.

    3. Department Manager

    What is the role of the Department Manager?   

    It is the Department Manager's responsibility to lead a team of G.Os and/or G.Es in a specific field and optimise the organisation of their department. It is them who, together with the village manager, assess and evaluate the skills of the activity managers and the G.Os and G.Es.

    4. Activity manager

    What is the role of the Activity Manager?   

    Some department managers are supported by activity managers when their field includes several specialities. For example, the sports manager could be supported by a golf manager, a sailing manager etc. Their role is to manage their activity independently and efficiently.

    5. G.O & G.E

    See definition above.

    Our G.O and G.E colleagues have always embodied the personality and spirit of our company on a daily basis. It is in thriving in their work that our teams nurture this particular talent to help our guests to enjoy memorable holidays.  

    Becoming a G.O or a G.E

    What is a G.O?

    G.Os are the Gentils Organisateurs (or Gentle Organisers) at Club Med, their task is to lead the activity in the village while making sure the guests experience some unforgettable moments during their stay. Our G.Os are predominantly mobile and generally change destination after one or more seasons.

    Beyond their job, our G.Os share friendly moments with our guests and forge bonds with them. In the evenings, sometimes they will swap their work uniform for a costume and flourish on the stage, for those who wish to reveal their talents.  
    A G.O is an ambassador for the Club Med Spirit and promotes the values of the company: kindness, freedom, responsibility, pioneering, multi-cultural.

    What is a G.E?

    G.Es, or Gentle Employees are most often residents of the country where the Resort is located. They have a sense of service and detail, particularly in the hospitality, restaurant and maintenance trades.

    G.Os and G.Es form one single team working towards the same goal, satisfying their guests! 

    As our G.Es are predominantly sedentary, their benefits differ from those of our G.Os.

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