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    Club Med Commited employer

    A life-changing experience

    A life-changing experience

    Convinced that happy G.Os and G.Es make happy G.Ms, we propose a unique model in terms of career and employability. As a real social elevator, Club Med enables many G.Os and G.Es to progress in the company and to live a life-changing experience.

    And as an engaged employer, we offer to our employees not just jobs, but life experiences with diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities :

    Club Med’s international success combined with the nomadic nature of our staff allows us to bring people of very different origins, nationalities, religions and cultures to live and work together.

    109 nationalities represented in our teams: 90% of Resorts host G.Os-G.Es from 9 or more nationalities - (33% of Resorts: at least 15 nationalities)

    Do our job with meaning

    • More than a job, we offer an experience of a lifetime :
      • 81% positive opinion "Club Med encourages me to develop my skills and develop professionally*
      • 87% positive opinion "Working at Club Med is more than just a job* (*Internal survey in 20 languages)
    • Since 2007 and the creation of Mission Handicap in France, we have been committed to integrating people with disabilities into our teams on a daily basis.
    • We are fostering skills every day with the Université des Talents by Club Med

    Protect ourselves & protect others

    We established a common and global framework for preventing and fighting against abusive behaviour and addictive conduct through an Internal Guidebook called KARE (Keep out Abuses and Respect Everyone).

    Indeed, freedom and responsibility are two of the founding values of Club Med (lien vers la page valeurs). In order to continue creating bonds in the Club Med Spirit and maintain our festive atmosphere, we need, more than ever, to recall the framework of our rights and duties.

    For reasserting our 5 values, especially responsibility, Club Med has adopted a code of ethics completed by an Anti-corruption code. This commitment strengths our system for preventing and fighting against corruption. It helps to maintain relationships of trust with our environment.

    Career paths

    For us, we also value a lot enabling diversified and fulfilling career paths to our G.Os & G.Es :

    • 100% of our CDV (Chef de Village) are coming from Internal Promotion
    • 80% of our CODIR are coming from Internal Promotion

    For example, in 2018:

    • 35% of G.Os changed position from one year to the next
    • 26% of G.Os and G.Es changed countries for work

    Club Med Happy to Care

    Since 1950, a pioneering company with a responsible vision

    Since 1950, a pioneering company with a responsible vision

    At Club Med, Sustainability is part of the journey.

    Social Responsibility is an essential asset of our identity.

    Club Med is founded on an ideal: to live better together and find replenishment in contact with nature. Inventing new ways to share happiness while taking care of our host environments are at the heart of our mission. This perspective is more relevant today than ever. 

    It is also and ambitious program, based on three pillars: preserving our exceptional natural heritage, sharing value, locally and offering more than jobs.

    And it is , in the end  a great team spirit:  we can, as a pioneer capable of mobilizing energies, empower our teams and inspire our customers to embrace a positive change.

    Committed to the environment

    As a specialist in dream locations, we are aware of their fragility and for the need to preserve them…

    • We have an exceptional and preserved natural heritage, a longstanding experience of landscape integration in pristine sites, with low rate of built up areas.
    • We offer fully certified sustainable stays :
      • 100% of new resorts are certified with BREEAM or equivalent for construction
      • Almost 80% of our Resorts are Green Globe certified for operations (target: 100% by 2021)
      • Our tour operator ‘Club Med Découverte‘ circuits is ATR* certified (ATR: Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable)
    • .. with game-changing eco-commitments, such as banning single-use plastic products from bars, restaurants and rooms by 2021, to reduce food waste and promote animal welfare
    • .. And Green Activities to experience and protect wildlife: in 20 Resorts, nature activities allow to discover the exceptional natural resources of the sites.

    Committed to people

    As a pioneer in tourism, we are firmly convinced that we must actively contribute to local development.

    The mere presence of a Club Med Resort systematically generates local economic and social benefits. We aim to go further and strive to maximize and extend these benefits with as examples of our commitments :

    • The Green Farmers program : since 2008, Club Med, in partnership with AGRISUD, support very small farms to develop them in a viable and sustainable way nearby Club Med sites. Hundreds of producers are trained to apply the principles of environmentally-friendly agriculture and in the financial management of their site.
    • Fighting child abuse in tourism with the ECPAT organization since 2005
    • Supporting local employment and purchasing : Nearly 75% of the jobs we created are filled locally and the number of jobs created is higher than in the traditional hotel industry.
    • Solidarity at the heart of the Club Med Foundation’ mission.

    Club Med Foundation : More than 40 years of solidarity

    Club Med Foundation : More than 40 years of solidarity

    Gilbert Trigano, one of the founders of Club Med - believed that “Making others happy, makes you happy“.

    That vision led to the creation of one of the first Corporate Foundation back in 1978.

    For more than 40 years, the Club Med Foundation has mobilized Club Med’s teams and resources for the benefit of solidarity projects near our Villages and its offices.

    The Foundation is committed to support vulnerable children and protect the environment.

    Its priorities ? To provide greater access to education and recreation for all and to preserve biodiversity.

    Since 2018, more than 2,000 G.O & G.E are committed to acting for good in 25 countries through 260 inspiring initiatives.

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