Discover Amy's story as a housekeeping team leader at Club Med


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To me, my team is my family away from home.

« Hello my name is Amy, I work at Club Med. I’m a team leader in the housekeeping department.
I’m 38 years old. »

What is your favorite time of the day?

« My favorite moment at work is always the morning because I think when one has a good start in the morning, the day goes well. When everyone gathers in the office and welcome and cheer the day to start, it’s really nice. I really love that. »

What was you most amazing experience since you joined Club Med?

« I really like to travel and Club Med offers that opportunity. You can travel with your family: we work all the seasons together, you meet new people, you see new things… I really love that. »

3 things that Club Med taught you?

« At Club Med I really learned that we’re one team. We help each other and with each other we grow. It’s really nice working here because if you want to grow you can grow. They help you grow. »

What is your relationship with your teams?

« To me, my team is my family away from home. In 3 words: it’s compassion, support and safe. »

What advice would you give to a future candidate applying to Club Med?

« I was really afraid at the beginning to come to work here but they opened their arms, they were all smiling, they welcomed me into their family and I became one of them. It’s very nice, you have always someone next to you. »

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