Let's talk with Bérénice, one of our Family Manager at Club Med


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« Hello, my name is Bérénice, I'm a Family Manager and I'm 25 years old.»

Tell us about your career at Club Med

« I started when I arrived during a school holiday period as a Mini Club G.O for several seasons. I then took on the role of Family Manager.»

3 things that make you love your job

« First of all I love my job because I love people. Working with people of all sizes is what interests me most. I am nourished by what people can bring to me on a daily basis, whether it be G.Os, G.Es, children or parents. My colleagues are a huge stimulus for me.

Secondly: I like to travel and I'm eager to learn.

Finally, at Club Med we are constantly evolving, so it's great not to have a routine. »

3 qualities required to do your job

« Being a good listener, being patient and be super creative. »

3 things that Club Med has taught you?

« Club Med taught me to go to the end of things, to be precise, to take a step back: and that's something! »

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