Why join our Resorts ?

    What you will live in our Resorts

    Boost my skills

    Boost my skills

    More than a job, you will:

    • Experience new situations and new environments, 
    • learn to work with new people, 
    • be part of multiple projects, even cross services.
    • get fully involved in your work
    • Constantly train yourself to be better,
    • Test your skills,
    • Learn from others every day.

    You will boost your skills by:

    • Growing into being agile in your daily work
    • Knowing how to manage change and work faster. 
    • Improving rapidly your skills and organization
    • Becoming, quite simply, efficient, better at your job
    • Building a springboard for the future.

    Amaze myself

    Amaze myself

    More than a job, you will:

    • Surpass yourself, going further, venturing into the unknown,
    • Discover that you are capable of more than you thought possible,
    • Be empowered to work self-led,
    • Be held accountable for your work
    • Be given opportunities and freedom to be in the forefront, to lead and express your individuality.

    You will amaze yourself by:

    • Gaining self confidence,
    • Being driven by goals and achievement,
    • Becoming bold, more assertive and keener to live new experiences,
    • Being a positive driving-force,
    • Being at ease to express yourself or speak in public,
    • Leading projects and/or people.

    Bond for life

    Bond for life

    More than a job, you will:

    • Meet and work with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures,
    • Join a team for a season, a project or for a day,
    • Experience the power of kindness and togetherness,
    • Evolve in a collective environment.

    You will bond for life by:

    • Growing into being more open-minded and empathetic with people you meet,
    • Being more likely to start a conversation with new people,
    • Developing your team spirit,
    • Being eager and able to work and grow with others,
    • Building long lasting connections with G.O, G.E, and even G.M.

    You will find...

    Development opportunities

    With over 500 job types in our offices, agencies and Resorts all around the world and a University of Talent to help you grow…

    Unique culture & spirit

    Our spirit and our culture are so rich and diverse that you'll have to live it to fully understand what it’s all about …

    Unforgettable workplaces

    Our universe is made of our 70 Resorts, or 40 high-end offices all around the world with unique living and international working conditions …

    Meaningful commitments

    We have been « Happy to care » for 70 years to people & environment…

    Discover our Development opportunities

    Job diversity


    Club Med offers about more than 200 types of jobs and careers in Resorts all over the world. You are Unique, so will be your Team! Our teams in Resorts are composed by a lot of people working together in several job families to provide the best service to our G.Ms.

    Kitchen teams & Technical services share their creativity to provide the best theme dinners.

    Performance arts & Sports G.O join forces to create events all day for our G.M….

    Grow fast

    Club Med makes possible, easy and quick internal hierarchical mobility to gain responsibilities in what you do

    Wherever you work at Club Med, in your country of residence or abroad, a dedicated person follows your development and accompanies you on your own professional and personal journey.

    Build your own path

    As a real social ladder, Club Med enables many G.O's and G.E's to progress in the company and take on managerial functions. Likewise, internal mobility from villages to headquarters and offices has been developed.

    Guiding your way

    To accompany your evolution, internal programs are in place to identify the best talents and boost their development toward managerial positions (Key Talents program), and knowledge capitalization and transmission (expert program).


    Seize opportunities

    A world of opportunities

    Mobility is highly encouraged, allowing you to discover your country through our Resorts. Each season, you will have the opportunity to discuss your next assignment with your HR business partner. We are convinced that multiplying your experiences will help you boost your skills, amaze yourself and bond for life.

    Key Figures:

    • 35% of our G.O (6% of our G.E) change job position from one season to the next
    • 100% of Chief of village and 80% of managerial position are provided through internal mobility

    Join us for a life changing experience!

    Accelerate your development

    Investing in your development is improving our client experience while increasing your employability : The Club Med Spirit, upheld by G.O and G.E teams and shared with customers, is at the heart of our difference and the unique experience that each one may find in the company. This spirit, the combination of professionalism and conviviality, is spawned in the talent of G.Os and G.Es.

    The Talent University : Your Development is essential for us, this is why since 2006, we have created a Talent University. Its mission is to support personal development, boost performance and inspire your careers.

    A team that is a partner in your development : The university of talent is implemented in each of our Business units across the world with more than 50 trainers among which half operates directly in Resorts to accompany your development on the field. We also value the know-how and expertise of our own G.O and G.E by relying on an internal network of more than 130 occasional trainers, experts or business referents, who are called upon to pass on their knowledge and experience to their colleagues and new arrivals.

    • 83% of G.Os and G.Es in Resorts trained within two years
    • More than 1200 trainees hosted in Talent Campus organized every year in France, Asia, Africa and America
    • More than 15 000 G.O and G.E trained each year through various programs
    • 51% of our former employees (2016 employability survey EAF) defines Club Med as a springboard for the future
    • More than 50 e-training courses available online

    Graduate on the field

    Club Med partners with schools and giving students the opportunity to learn on the field and graduate with experience in an international company, and allowing our G.O and G.E to capitalize on their experience to obtain a diploma.

    • More than 200 degree training and graduation curricula available for G.Os & G.Es
    • Graduation programs for the Chefs de Villages with courses from the “Université de Paris XII” and obtaining of the master degree of “International Entrepreneurship and SMEs”


    Happiness at Club Med

    "The purpose of life is to be happy. The time to be happy is now. And the place to be happy is here."
    hese timeless words were spoken by Gérard Blitz and, since 1950, this has been our reason for being and the driver behind everything we do. And today we continue this mission.

    Since our foundation, our G.O and G.E have embodied our brand personality daily, and it is through their own fulfillment that our teams develop that special talent to help our G.M experience truly happy and unforgettable holidays.

    That is why there will always be a before and after Club Med. Because more than a job, we live an amazing experience that is challenging now and transforms us forever.

    We boost our skills, amaze ourselves & bond for life.

    Club Med offers us the opportunity to broaden our professional scope in amazing destinations all around the world, and to embrace a unique mindset and lifestyle in a company that has always been purposeful and committed to people and environment.

    Club Med has always been, and will continue to be, an experience like no other, a life-changing experience.

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