Sabine, Supplier in Lyon


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"My name is Sabine and I am a Supplier.”

Tell us about your career

"I joined Club Med in December 2001. I started as a waitress. Then I moved quite quickly to Assistant Restaurant Manager; I stayed in this position for almost 10 years. I chose a job in the hotel and restaurant industry that allowed me to travel, which was my priority, and I also wanted to work in a service-oriented field. Since May 2021, I've been a Supplier in Lyon.”

I learned this new profession completely at Club Med, by training myself on the field.

What is your role at Club Med?

"As a Supplier, I place all the orders for everything that the Resorts need; both food and the whole "supply" part: it goes from cleaning products to sheets of paper, cups, etc."

What motivates you daily?

"The link I have with the Resorts. Even though I am now in offices, these links are still very strong and for me, who spent 20 years in a Resort, it was a priority."

What is your best memory at Club Med?

"The six months I spent in Senegal a few years ago, when I was still Assistant Restaurant Manager. I had the opportunity to travel a lot, but humanly speaking, my best experience was in Senegal.”

What are the qualities required to be a Purchaser?

"Being organized and flexible is mandatory. You also need to be patient because you depend on the Resort department managers. Being empathetic is also a state of mind to adopt!

I learnt this new job completely at Club Med, by training myself on the ground, I didn't learn it at school. That's one of the advantages of Club Med: you can move on to other jobs quickly.”

What advice would you give to people who want to join us?

"Club Med is different from other companies. You have to be open-minded, enjoy communicating and embrace our values. The "pioneer spirit", for example, means never resting on your laurels, always moving forward, looking at what is best elsewhere to improve continuously. This is very much in evidence in my field, as we are experiencing a real evolution in the supply chain.”


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