Georgeta, rooms housekeeper in Club Med Grand Massif for 9 seasons


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"My name is Georgeta, I have been a housekeeper at Club Med Grand Massif for 9 seasons.

I come from Romania." 

How has Club Med transformed you?

"I was a relatively shy person... Today it's much easier for me to express myself. There are many nationalities represented in the Club Med teams.

Before Club Med, I didn't have any specific ambition, no big dream. My vision of my work was limited to feeding and supporting my family."


Today I am very motivated to do something with my life. I have had the opportunity here to progress and evolve in my career.

Can you tell us about your background?

"I was a cook in Romania. I also worked in a small hotel at the reception, as a chambermaid as well... I have been able to do many different jobs.

Today I am a housekeeper. Next season, I'm going to become team leader: a real consecration for me."

How many languages did you speak before joining Club Med?

"Romanian and a little English."

And now?

"3 languages: Romanian, English and now French!"

How would you describe the atmosphere at Club Med?

"I have made real friendships with my colleagues, my manager and all the superiors around me. Each in their own way helped me and allowed me to evolve at Club Med. I am very happy to have met all these people: we are like a big family and it is a real pleasure to work together."

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