eGO (Content and Community Coordinator)

    eGO (Content and Community Coordinator)
    Job type

    Fixed-term contract


    In one of our resorts in Mexico, Caribbean or Canada


    The All Inclusive Career  Compensation package includes:
    • 6 months contract (renewable)
    • Transportation
    • Room & board provided
    • Full access to all resort amenities
    • Competitive salary and healthcare package  


    You are
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Good sense of details
    • Creative with a passion for visual storytelling (photography/videography)
    • Love social media
    • Organized

    You will

    • Be in charge of the digital content and the social media management. She/he will take care of the digital side of the customer experience in the resort through interactive tools. In line with the business goals of the company she/he will be responsible for the creation and distribution of content and information in the Resort and related social media platforms.

    eGOs Missions :

    • Ensure the GM information through My Club Med App and Screen Management
    • Spread the digital culture in resort, increase the use of digital tools & support new tools developments
    • Contribute to the increase of the ancillary revenues
    • Community management on Instagram (varies by resort assignment)
    • Create content needed to animate resort and global social media platforms and N. American Marketing teams
    • Be the brand and product contact, with Club Med corporate team & marketing team

    Skills :

    • Perfect speaking and writing skills (French + English)
    • Rigor and organizational skills : Ability to work on several tasks at the same time and very good management of priorities
    • Good analytical and synthesis skills
    • Technical and computer knowledge: MAC OS X, mastery of web tools, main browsers
    • Good understanding of community management
    • Mastery of the basics of photo and video editing programs or ability to learn them quickly
    • A good photographic eye, in order to capture content that inspires and captures the resort life and destination

    Qualities and attitude :

    • Creative with an artistic sensibility for still and moving media types, eye for detail
    • Very good interpersonal skills, diplomatic and friendly
    • Taste for teamwork
    • Enthusiasm, dynamism, open-mindedness: willingness to learn and to participate actively and in a good mood in the Resort team's projects

    Candidates must have strong writing skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, able to evaluate and prioritize assigned tasks. The candidate will select content that best meets the expectations of customers and the ethical standards of the company, brand or community. The candidate must have a good knowledge of technical platforms like content management systems and social media channels.

    Questions fréquentes

    What is a Resort?

    See our "Work in Resorts" page

    What is a G.O, a G.E ?

    G.Os are Club Med's "Gentle Organizers", their mission is to ensure the activity of the Resort while providing unforgettable moments for the clients during their stay.  Beyond their job, our G.Os share moments of conviviality and forge links with our G.Ms. In the evening, they sometimes swap their work clothes for a suit, and perform on stage for those who want to reveal their talents.   The G.Es, or "Gentle Employees", have a sense of service and detail, particularly in the hotel, restaurant and maintenance trades.

    G.Os and G.Es are one and the same team working towards the same goal, that of satisfying our G.Ms!

    Can I choose the Resort I want to work in?

    Our Human Resources managers decide on the Resort to which you are assigned, depending on available positions and your skills (professional experience, foreign languages, qualifications, etc.)

    What is my accommodation like in the Resort ?

    Often, our employees are housed in double or triple rooms (2 or 3 closed sleeping areas, and a shared bathroom and toilet). In some Resorts, when the structure allows it, G.Os and G.Es can be housed alone.

    Do I need to pay for my accommodation?

    G.Os and G.Es make a financial contribution to their accommodation and their meals, depending on their contracts and location.

    Can I apply for more than one job?

    There's no need to apply for more than one job on our website. When our recruiters get in touch with you, you can share them your interest in other positions.

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