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Club Med: un'azienda focalizzata sullo sviluppo del proprio personale

Un G.O. felice di lavorare con un bambino

At Club Med, everyone can develop both personally and professionally, according to their desires, expectations and ambitions. People who want to take on new responsibilities and challenges as their career progresses can also find their way thanks to the many opportunities for career evolution. And those who wish to fully develop in their profession, without necessarily moving on to other functions, also have a natural place.

A G.O. who welcomes customers A G.O. who welcomes customers

Why are there so many opportunities for growth at Club Med?

To fully understand the opportunities available to you when you decide to join Club Med, a quick overview of the company is needed. Club Med has 70 resorts in France and abroad, offices in 32 countries and a head office in Paris. With 25,000 G.Os ("Gentle Organizers") and G.Es ("Gentle Employees") and more than 500 jobs, it's easy to see why it's so simple to move up at Club Med. In addition to this predisposition, Club Med places special value on the professional development of its employees. For example, all Village Managers (who, on average, manage a team of 350 employees) are promoted from inside. Other statistics are also very telling: one third of G.Os evolve and change position from one season to the next and 25% of G.Os and G.Es change country from one year to the next, thanks to mobility. In addition to career development and opportunities for employees, joining Club Med also means having rich human experiences, blossoming within teams where multiculturalism is a real strength. Diversity in all its forms is an intrinsic part of Club Med's DNA.

Focus on Club Med job families

Club Med does not hire just one type of professional. A wide range of jobs are represented. Among the most important are the hotel and restaurant sector: kitchen, accommodation, bar, reception, room maintenance, dishwashing, etc. The range of jobs is very broad. Club Med also recruits a lot in the world of sports. Many instructors work in the Resorts. The world of well-being is also represented with all the top-of-the-range spas that the group has acquired. To organize its famous shows, qualified personnel are also needed backstage and for events. Finally, childcare nurses, early childhood educators and childcare assistants, for example, are hired for Club Med's children's facilities.

a smiling G.O. a smiling G.O.

Club Med is also a company that goes beyond diplomas and professional experience to promote equal opportunity. By focusing on the personalities and values of the staff it recruits, Club Med offers many opportunities to a variety of profiles from very different backgrounds.

A G.O. who serves food A G.O. who serves food

Catering: a concrete illustration of career development at Club Med

At Club Med, you will find job offers for Kitchen Commis. If they wish, a motivated person can climb the ladder in the kitchen and become a Demi-Chef de Partie, Chef de Partie, Sous-Chef de Cuisine, Chef de Cuisine and then Food & Beverage Manager. If he or she proves to be competent in managing international teams, a Chef de Partie can become a Chef de Cuisine in 5 to 6 seasons. Club Med knows how to adapt to the expectations and ambitions of its staff, whether they wish to remain in their position or move on to other jobs or responsibilities.

Highly developed office jobs

Outside the Resorts, it is also possible to find jobs in offices or agencies, with strong possibilities for advancement for those who wish to do so, whether in the HR world, in the Product and Services offer, in construction or in legal affairs for example. The structure is such that bridges between the different professions in these areas are also very accessible. And those who want to go to the other side of the world will also naturally have opportunities.

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