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    Jodie & Antonella
    G.O Barmaids

    " The bar is the heart of the Resort. In Club Med, you learn a lot about cocktails, about mixing drinks, which is probably something you wouldn't know unless if you took specific courses about it before, so the Club is really a good opportunity. A little adivce : come at Club Med with an open mind an be open-minded ! "

    Tüm tanıklıkları görün
    Pastry Chef, for several years

    " What is fascinating at Club Med is that you can change countries many times. I haven't seen how much time has passed since I started! The young people who will do many seasons will acquire an enormous know-how, an incredible wealth of knowledge. "

    Tüm tanıklıkları görün
    Marylou, Maïté & Audrey
    G.O Childcare

    " Everyone has their place in Club Med. We live together, we work together, so the G.O.'s become our second family. It's a very rich experience that we all share together. "

    Tüm tanıklıkları görün

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