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    • An ambassador of luxury : you are passionate about your job, you care about the smallest detail and you embody the very highest quality.
    • A personality open to others: you love human contact and sharing emotions.
    • A creator of experience : you know and surprise our customers, you personalise your attentions and make them feel unique.

    Вы будете

    • Welcome and offer assistance to; any guest in espace Exclusive Collection, Villas and Chalets from arrival to departure for their own transport and the transport of luggage or personal effects.
    • Provide support to the Reception and Services teams during your shift.
    • Ensure cleanliness and the proper maintenance of the equipment, work equipment (luggage trolleys) reception areas and storage areas as well as the consistency of the atmosphere there (masked odours, appropriate music, ...).
    • Make sure the customer always feels safe and secure (smooth driving, child seats ...) and that the luggage is treated visibly with care.
    • Assist the butlers, accommodation and F & B teams in handling tasks (setting-up, clearing, replenish stocks, ...).
    • Welcome customer feedback with tact and elegance. Feedback to your manager immediately as a source of proposals.

    • By integrating Club Med Exclusive Collection , you will live the experience of a new luxury. The one that combines refinement, a sense of detail, the consideration of each of our customers with kindness, simplicity, authenticity, relationships and friendliness; the legendary Club Med. A luxury centred, above all, on people and experiences.

      4 resort's assetss to meet all your expectations, in terms of work: 100% Club Med Exclusive Collection Resorts, Club Med Exclusive Collection spaces in our 4T Resorts, Villas and Chalets and our legendary 5 metre yacht.

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    Джуниор, Клер и Эви
    G.O Exclusive Collection

    Вы будетеОзнакомьтесь с возможностями карьерного роста


    Благодаря нашему инструменту Mycareer, вы увидите в несколько кликов ваши возможности карьерного роста в Club Med.

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