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    • Sociable, you know how to connect with our guests and build a trusting relationship.
    • Efficient, you know how to manage priorities and ensure timely service.
    • Attentive, you ensure each guest receives personalised service.

    Вы будете

    • Welcome, advise and serve customers by personalising the customer relationship
    • Set up events in bars or around bars for 600 to 1000 customers
    • Participate in the management of the economic and qualitative results of the resort's bars
    • Guarantee the quality of services, compliance with Club Med health and safety rules as well as the maintenance of the resort's assets
    • Propose personalised cocktails adapted to an international and transgenerational clientele

    Что они рассказывают оо своей работе?

    Джоди и Антонелла
    G.O Barmaids

    Вы будетеОзнакомьтесь с возможностями карьерного роста


    Благодаря нашему инструменту Mycareer, вы увидите в несколько кликов ваши возможности карьерного роста в Club Med.

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