Geraldo, Data Analyst nel nostro ufficio di Parigi


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"Hi, my name is Geraldo, I am a Data Analyst at Club Med and my story started in 2019."

What is your role?

“My job is to produce data analysis with the global department and other business units around the world.”

What did you learn at Club Med?

“It's allowed me to grow a lot, work on my decision making, and help everyone on Data topics.”

Club Med is a company with an innovative DNA

How did you evolve?

“My story started at Club Med South America, for 2 and a half years. After that, I accepted the challenge to come to France and continue working on data analysis and now for the whole world.”

Why did you choose to join Club Med?

“Club Med is a very interesting company, belonging to the leisure market, which I particularly like: I love to travel, I love to discover new things and working in a company of the hospitality sector is the most interesting part for me.”

What motivates you every day?

“Certainly, working with large volumes of data, from different sources and transforming this raw information into valuable information for departments is really a great challenge. Club Med is a company with an innovative DNA. The big challenges are present every day but there is also a lot of space to see new things, new ways of working, new technologies and also it is a company with a festive spirit.”

Wishing to see more? 

Discover Geraldo's interview in video!

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