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Working at Club Med: much more than just work experience


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At once upscale and relaxed, Club Med symbolizes happiness and unforgettable dream vacations. And the quality of our holidays also depends on the personal development of our staff, G.O ("Gentle Organizer") and G.E ("Gentle Employee"). Working for us on a seasonal, student or permanent basis is a rewarding experience in every way.


A company committed to the well-being of its employees

Club Med has been committed to people and responsible tourism for over 70 years, and is the leader in premium all-inclusive vacation clubs. Offering unique and unforgettable vacations to our G.Ms (Gentle Members or customers) is our priority, and this also includes the development of those who work towards this goal. As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, the transmission of knowledge is a key factor. Working at Club Med means learning on the job, mastering the art of change and increasing your employability if, for example, you have a seasonal job as a student.

Working at Club Med: more than an experience, a lifestyl

In addition to the rewarding professional experience that comes with the opportunity to work for our company, working with our teams is above all a memorable experience on many levels. You'll have the opportunity to boost your skills, amaze yourself and forge lifelong bonds. You'll also be able to be a source of ideas and innovation, and why not develop and support teams and take the lead. Regardless of your qualifications or professional experience. As a recruiter of talent above all, Club Med is looking for responsible personalities with a keen sense of customer relations. Forging bonds that will last a lifetime, embracing diversity and living it to the full are also unique experiences shared by all our G.Os and G.Es.

The opportunity to work in your home country and abroa

The opportunity to work in your home country and abroad
With nearly 72 resorts and 40 luxury offices worldwide, Club Med also offers unique living and working conditions, characterized by multiculturalism, one of our brand's core values. As a discoverer of exceptional destinations and sites, we give you the opportunity to live in a dream environment: in France, whether by the sea, in nature or in the mountains, for example, and of course abroad. Experience other places and cultures as part of an enthusiastic and caring team - that's what Club Med work experience is all about. Whether through seasonal work, a student job, regular employment or a sandwich course.

A wide range of profession

At Club Med, you'll find a wide range of jobs in our Resorts, agencies and offices around the world. And the profiles sought are just as varied. Whether you have no qualifications and/or no experience, or are (highly) qualified with a wealth of professional experience, no talent is excluded. Certain qualities come first, and people skills such as kindness, a sense of responsibility and customer relations, and adaptability are the main prerequisites for applying and enjoying a unique professional experience.

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