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Becoming a Club Med G.O Barman is professionally fulfilling in more ways than one. Not only are his or her duties not limited to contributing to the entertainment and atmosphere of the establishment, but he or she also gains solid experience in a privileged location with, icing on the cake, exceptional career development opportunities.


The Club Med bartender's job


We're not going to tell you what a bartender's job is. Welcoming, advising and serving customers is, of course, your core activity. But there's more to it than that. You'll be offering personalized cocktails tailored to a customer base that's both international and multi-generational. You'll also be called upon to set up events in the resort bars, which can bring together a large majority of guests. And your role won't be limited to service, since you'll also be helping to steer the economic and qualitative results of the bars at the Resort where you work.

The perks of working as a Club Med bartender

More than just a job, bartending at Club Med is a real life experience. Over the weeks, you'll share special moments with both the GMs and the other G.O.s in the establishment. It's hard not to form bonds here. And on top of your personal experience, you'll also gain a wealth of professional experience, which will look great on your resume. In this profession, you'll be working in many of the world's most beautiful Resorts, enjoying the facilities and activities on offer in these heavenly locations. And why not take to the stage for the famous G.O. show?

What you need to become a Club Med bartender

Club Med recruits bartenders in summer and winter on fixed-term or permanent contracts in France and abroad. To apply, you'll need experience and a diploma. A conversational level of English is recommended if you hope to join Club Med. Knowledge of other languages is a definite plus. And to become a Club Med bartender, three qualities are particularly important. You'll need to be sociable, of course, but you'll also need to be attentive, so as to be able to offer personalized service and surprise customers with your ability to select their favorite drinks. Being efficient and organized, you'll be able to deal with gunfire with composure.

Career options at Club Med

We've mentioned all the advantages of Club Med, but there's one essential one that we're saving for last. That is, of course, the incredible opportunities for advancement within the organization. After all, a Barman at Club Med can progress very quickly if he proves himself. It's just a short step from Barman to Assistant Bar Manager. And, if you're willing to travel, you could also become Bar Manager, then Bistronomic Restaurant Manager and Food & Beverage Manager. Those with strong cross-functional management skills could even go all the way to Village Manager.


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