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    Our recruitment process

    All recruitment is centralised by our teams and follows a fair recruitment process for every one of you.
    All our offers are put online in real time on our careers site Clubmedjobs.
    If you have other questions, feel free to consult the FAQ.

    1. Online application

    Select the job of your choice and carefully read the type of profile required and the tasks involved. Then click on “Apply” to submit your application in just a few minutes. Upload your CV which is obligatory, and if you wish you can add other documents (covering letter, reference letter etc.) that you think may be useful. All our positions are open to people with disabilities. If you wish, you can inform us if you have a disability.

    2. Pre-selection

    Your application is automatically sent to the recruiter in charge of the job offer for which you've applied. Your application is studied in collaboration with the operational teams. If you are pre-selected, you will then be contacted by the recruiter for a telephone interview. If unfortunately it’s a negative response, you’ll receive an email.

    3. The telephone interview

    The recruiter will contact you to conduct a pre-qualification telephone interview with the aim of checking certain criteria with you: your motivations, your previous experience, your availability, etc. If this interview is not conclusive, you will receive a negative response informing you of the reasons why the recruitment process is coming to an end.

    4. The interview(s)

    If the telephone interview is positive, you will be invited to an in-person interview by the manager or the HR manager. Depending on the role, you could also be asked to attend a second interview. Depending on the conditions of the role and your geographical location, you may be able to have this interview via video-conference.

    5. Employment & Integration

    When your application is accepted for the post you applied for, we will call you to let you know and negotiate the terms of our future collaboration. Once you have accepted our offer, we will produce your employment contract and ask you to sign it electronically. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by your manager and your new team. You’ll have an entry interview with your manager and an interview with your HR manager. You'll then be invited to attend an integration course in order to get to know the nuts and bolts of Club Med.

    Our recruitment advices

    How to submit a good application for one of our jobs?

    How to submit a good application for one of our jobs?

    ⬜ Before submitting your application, read the listed criteria of the job carefully:

    • Does the type of contract mentioned in the job description correspond to what you’re looking for?
    • Do you have the required minimum experience listed in the job description?
    • Are your skills compatible with the job description?
    • If you’re applying outside your country of origin, do you have the necessary documents? (Visa, work permit, etc.)

    By checking all these criteria, you’re improving your chances of getting an interview!

    ⬜ You’ve decided to apply to join Club Med:

    • Check that your CV has uploaded correctly! (NB: we accept multiple formats with a maximum size of 5Mb)
    • Feel free to add other documents that you feel are important: covering letter, reference letter, portfolio, etc.

    How do you prepare for an interview to join Club Med?

    The interview is an important stage in the recruitment process, and can cause a certain amount of stress for some people.

    So the first tip:  don't panic! Take inspiration from the following advices so you can  be ready for your incoming interview.

    Your application has been accepted and you have an interview in our offices:

    • Find out more about Club Med by looking at the different sections of our ClubMedJobs website.
    • Follow the @clubmedjobs page on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to get to know your future working environment better.
    • Prepare some answers to typical questions such as: describe your career path; what is your career objective; what can you tell us about Club Med; why have you chosen to apply to Club Med, etc.
    • Print out your CV and all the documents you think will be useful to your application.
    • Remember to get a suitable outfit ready in which you feel comfortable.

    During your interview:

    • Report to the receptionists so they know you’ve arrived.
    • Remember to switch your phone off.
    • Be organised and clear when you present your career path, your work and the projects you have taken charge of.
    • Highlight the skills you can bring to your future team and those that Club Med could help you to develop.
    • Take notes as you can learn more about the role being considered at this interview.
    • And above all don't forget to smile 😊

    At the end of the interview:

    • Before the interview finishes, ask your interviewer at least one or two questions: this demonstrates real interest in the role.
    • Ask what the next stages will be after this interview, and how long it will take to get a response about your application.

    After your interview:

    • Thank your interviewer for his/her time.
    • Reinforce your interest in and motivation for the job you've applied for with the Club Med interviewers.
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