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Work management and gratitude: the best practices


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Management at work is based on several fundamental pillars, with the aim of responding to the needs and requirements of a brand and its customers, while fostering employee fulfillment. The two are closely linked, and Club Med understands this.


What is the definition of management at work?

The aim of work management is to make it easier for people to get the job done. Its main drivers are a work organization based on a logic of accompanying and supporting the accomplishment of different missions. At Club Med, management at work is based on the model of participative management, meaning that decisions are taken close to the front line, in phase with the reality and day-to-day work of the teams. Exchange and dialogue between managers and employees is therefore of paramount importance.

What are the main pillars of management at work?

Participative management is a new way of organizing work that aims to foster employee fulfillment and create a winning synergy for all. A number of approaches have been developed with this in mind:

  • formal and informal discussion forums between managers and employees;
  • an organization and values that encourage everyone to take the initiative, whatever their position;
  • a genuine social dialogue where consultation is central;
  • recognition and appreciation of work.

This last point is an essential vector in management at work, all the more so at a time when a large proportion of employees say they lack recognition.

Club Med: a work organization that values employees?

Studies on quality of life at work repeatedly highlight the lack of recognition felt by employees. In one of the latest in-depth studies on the subject, carried out by Moodwork Research for My Happy Job (see survey "Recognition at work: what place and what importance?"), only 26% of the 1,146 people interviewed said they had received recognition from their company. Yet recognition at work is the key to successful professional collaboration. For employees, this recognition brings motivation, satisfaction, pride, joy and confidence, according to the results of this study, which also confirm other sources of information on the subject. At Club Med, recognition in the workplace has always been essential. We know that happy employees make happy G.Ms (Gentle Members).

How is management organized at Club Med?

Managing at Club Med also means knowing how to value the work of our teams, to create a virtuous circle in which everyone can fulfill their potential and find their place. For our managers, this also means learning best practices for valuing the work of our employees. At Club Med, our managers receive support and training on a daily basis, for all jobs. We know that dialogue is essential.

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