Guillaume, financial director in Paris


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“My name is Guillaume, I am a financial director in the Development & Construction and Club Med Property department at the Paris headquarters. I am 42 years old and French.”

Why did you join Club Med?

“I was looking for a job on the internet from time to time without ever finding one. Of course, one day, when I wasn't expecting it at all, a pop-up appeared: "Club Med, take a holiday", I didn't want to go on holiday but I potentially wanted to work there! That's how the story started.”

What is your background?

“I started in 2007 in Resorts. I spent 4 years in Resorts, mainly in Europe and Africa: I went through France, Italy but also Greece. I spent a year in Morocco and then I wanted to see what was being done in the country offices. I had the opportunity to work in Miami and then in South America in Rio de Janeiro.”

How did Club Med support you in your international mobility project?

Very simply and efficiently. At each stage of the process, Human Resources accompanied us and took care of everything related to administration, social security, visas, etc. Everything went very smoothly for me.”

What did you learn at Club Med?

“I am very proud to speak several languages thanks to Club Med. It's not a prerequisite, but to travel with the company when you have a career opportunity, it makes things easier. Club Med accompanies us, gives us the necessary training and takes care of the people it sends here and there around the world.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to have an international experience?

“Simply to listen to yourself. Usually, if you ask yourself the question, you have the answer: you have to go!  Don't listen to your fear, just listen to your desire!”

What is your best memory at Club Med?

“I would say the moments we shared with each other during the rehearsals of the shows in the evening. There is no better team building than a G.O. team practicing for the shows: that's where the magic happens. Club Med is above all a human story, it changed a lot of things for me because I met a lot of people through my experiences, both in resorts and in offices.”

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