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Summer job: all you need to know


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Do you want to find a summer job to finance your studies? After losing your job, are you planning to take advantage of the summer season to find a new job or to change your career? Contract, salary, minimum age; you are wondering about the administrative aspects of seasonal employment. Discover here the answers to all of your questions.

Which sectors are recruiting for the summer season?

The summer season offers job opportunities in many areas. If you live in a touristic region, you can look into companies in this industry. Hotels and restaurants reinforce their teams in the summer by hiring seasonal staff. But you can also find a job in the leisure and entertainment industry.

At Club Med, we hire new employees every summer to complete our teams. We recruit professionals in a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, hospitality, event management and technical.


What contracts are possible for a summer job?

Like any job, the summer job must be covered by a contract that complies with the Labor Code of your country. It may be a fixed-term contract, a seasonal contract or a temporary employment contract. This will depend on the length of the assignment, the reason for hiring and several factors related to the activity.

Club Med offers seasonal fixed-term contract positions, which can last from 2 to 8 months. Depending on the position and the need for qualified employees, these contracts may be converted into permanent contracts.

What working conditions for a summer job?

A seasonal employee has the same working conditions as an employee with a permanent contract. The company has to respect the law in terms of minimum wages, working hours and benefits. You will have breaks and a weekly rest period. In return, signing a seasonal or temporary contract for a summer job commits you to accepting and complying with the company's internal rules.

Depending on the job, Club Med offers many perks to its employees, such as food and lodging on-site.


What are the rules concerning the salary for a summer job?

The remuneration for a summer job depends on the weekly working time defined in the contract. However, according to the law, the hourly rate must be at least equal to the minimum wage for employees over 18.


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