Yoann, IT Manager at Club Med


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“Hello, I'm Yoann. I joined Club Med in 2018 and I'm responsible for IT.”

What is your role?

“My job is to provide IT resources to our users to be efficient: whether it is computers, infrastructures, applications and also support. In my role as a manager, I manage budgets, do strategy and do team management.”

What do you love the most about your job?

“What I'm really passionate about here is influencing business strategy: IT is an important component today. I also like working with my teams: we don't do anything alone, we work on projects together and we have common ambitions. And finally: working with the businesses and their needs. We don't do technology for technology's sake, we really install solutions that meet a user's needs.”

How did you evolve?

“I recently moved from a team of 12 people to 45. I was initially responsible for the Club Med Resorts and today I also manage the sales agencies, offices and part of the data centers: it's a real leap of responsibility that came at the right time for me.”

Club Med is an international company, the leader in its market, and yet we operate as a mid-sized company.

What did you learn at Club Med?

“As an IT manager, I have to sharpen my information systems culture, I have to be able to talk about technologies with my teams, not necessarily master them all, but at least understand them: this enables me to make quick and effective decisions.”

What are your next big challenges?

“The major technical challenge for us is knowing how to navigate the complexity of solutions, but also the multiplicity of solutions: you have to know how to filter and you have to know how to propose the right uses.

Club Med is an international company, the leader in its market, and yet we operate as a mid-sized company: this guarantees that we operate on short decision-making circuits and we can be daring."

Why did you join Club Med?

“What I like about Club Med is the brand image we convey and the fact that we can travel anywhere in the world. But I also joined Club Med because of its bold organization, since marketing and IT have merged.”

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