Discover Emanuele's everyday life, one of our Gourmet Lounges manager


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« Hello my name is Emanuele, I am a Gourmet Lounge manager and I’m 33 years old. »

Describe your daily work

« My main role is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through the sense of service, the sense of detail on a product like the Gourmet Lounge which requires high standards. All this without forgetting the conviviality and the Club Med spirit: sharing and writing a story with the customer. »

3 things that make you love your job

« The challenge every day, the fact of changing villages every season with a new team, a new manager, a new context and discovering new things about myself. »

What is your favorite time of day?

« I prefer the evening service because it's when I can spend more time with customers in a more relaxed environment and be a part of their experience. »

3 qualities required to do your job

« Exactitude, attention and initiative. »

What advice would you give to a future candidate applying to Club Med?

« Bring your knowledge and know-how and most importantly: be yourself. »

3 reasons why you joined Club Med?

« It came at a time in my journey when I needed to change my life, I arrived at Club Med as an empty vase that I filled as I went along with numerous experiences and encounters. »

What is your relationship with your teams?

« My main role is to work on the deployment of my team's skills and it's so nice to see our everyday interactions, the recognition they have for me and the recognition I have for them when we work together towards the same goal. »

What is your best memory at Club Med?

« My best memory was at the end of the season, when I left the village in the bus, there was an army of G.Os saying “goodbye” to me with all the energy of the Club Med, it was a very emotional moment which made me want to stay in the village and certainly not leave! »

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