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    You are

    • Attentive, you are a good listener. Your observations skills ensure accurate diagnosis.
    • Responsible, you advise our customers and ensure they feel healthy.
    • Effective decision-maker, acting on your diagnosis to provide solutions.

    You will

    • Identify the patient's condition (feeling, pain), performing first aid, assessing whether medical care is essential and updating the nursing care file
    • Check the hygiene and safety of the resort and report any malfunctions
    • Manage inventory and material orders
    • Train service managers on how to behave in the event of an accident and to have a preventive role with regard to the personnel.
    • Draw up a file for the care of a patient at home by Europ Assistance and coordinating the interventions.
    • Collaborate with local doctors and medical structures and guarantee them technical assistance
    • Ensure compliance with Club Med health and safety rules and the maintenance of the assets

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    Childcare nurse, for the past 3 seasons

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