Laura, Head of ⁣business coordination for Resorts sales


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"My name is Laura, I'm 33 years old and I'm the Director of Business Coordination and Project Management for the A la Carte services.”


Tell us about your career

"My career path began at Club Med almost ten years ago with an internship in management control in the Paris offices. Following this internship, I was lucky enough to be hired on a permanent basis in the Internal Audit team where I spent two years auditing our offices and Resorts around the world. I then expressed the wish to work abroad and I was able to join the Sydney office in Australia as a Finance Manager where I spent four wonderful years managing the finance of this commercial office. Following this, I joined the Singapore team in Controlling and took charge of Controlling for the Asia-Pacific region. A few months ago, I joined the Lyon office in France.”

We work a bit like a start-up in a big company!

What is your role at Club Med?

"One of the strengths of the Club Med product is above all its "all-inclusive" offer, which is of excellent quality and very complete. In addition, we also have "à la carte" services in our resorts, such as spas, excursions, shops, etc. I work for the team in charge of marketing these experiences and I bring my financial skills to it: monitoring results, preparing budgets, everything related to the implementation of reporting, etc."

What motivates you on a daily basis?

"Being part of a team that has been structured fairly recently and that has very varied profiles: we have people who are specialists in sales, others in marketing, finance and also operational people. We are really in a spirit of mutual aid and complementarity: we have a lot of exchanges and we encourage the sharing of ideas, which makes the subjects very interesting. We work a bit like a start-up in a big company!”

What is your best memory at Club Med?

"In general, the best memories for me are moments of conviviality: whether in our Resorts or in our Offices. We regularly have events called "campuses" or seminars that bring together teams from around the world.”

What did you learn?

"I have obviously acquired technical skills on the financial side but above all I have acquired a strong capacity to adapt to different cultures and situations. I joined Club Med because I have always been passionate about travel and all my previous internships had been in the tourism industry. I joined Club Med when I was 23 years old so I grew up a lot in this company, I gained maturity with small team management positions quite early and I also gained a lot of open-mindedness with my experiences abroad.”

How did Club Med support you in your international mobility project?

"I was always very well supported by HR on site and in all the administrative procedures: visas, settling into the new country, etc. I was always received in a friendly manner; I was able to get to know the people I was working with and integrated very quickly."


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