Butcher in a Club Med Resort, the story of Bernard


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« Hello my name is Bernard, I am 50 years old and I am a butcher. »

Describe your daily work

« I start the day around 7.30am to supply the meat to the cooks for lunch, then we prepare for dinner and finally for breakfast the next day. I try to work for 1 day or 1.5 days in advance. I also have to place meat orders and then manage traceability and supervise cleaning. Finally, I take care of the cutting at the buffet during lunch and dinner. »

3 things that make you love your job

« I came to Club Med firstly for my passion for butchery and secondly to travel; I have been on the Club Med 2 boat three times in South America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I have also been to Japan in Kabira, Greece, Italy and now France. »

3 qualities required to do your job

« Perfection, hygiene, friendliness with customers and colleagues: very important! And communication too. »

What is your relationship with your teams?

« It goes very well, I have an assistant butcher and then we communicate a lot with the sous-chefs, the chefs de partie and our chef de cuisine. »

What advice would you give to a future candidate applying to Club Med?

« To be motivated, to have a sense of management, to enjoy working alone as well as in a team and of course to have a good relationship with your colleagues and our G.Ms. »

What is your greatest pride?

« My relationship with our G.Ms, when we meet them again from one season to another and they recognize us. I had an experience with Japanese people I met in Kabira, that I saw again 6 years later in Provence and that they had recognized me. How amazing! »

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