Beach And Pool Employee (M/W)

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    Beach And Pool Employee (M/W)
    Job type

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    Club Med Seychelles

    Meals included without lump sum contribution

    Experience of 1 to 2 years desired in the function in a 4 to 5* hotel


    English required, french appreciated

    You are
    • Sociable, you know how to connect with our guests and build a trusting relationship.
    • Efficient, you know how to manage priorities and ensure timely service.
    • Attentive, you ensure each guest receives personalised service.
    You will
    • Participate in the reception of products, consumables, laundry and PMH
    • Set up the bar, counter and decoration
    • Supply distribution points and workstations during services
    • Welcome and advise the GM on the choice of drinks
    • Prepare and serve drinks according to the technical specifications established in accordance with standards
    • Propose products for sale to GMs and propose actions to develop financial turnover
    • Ensure compliance with procedures (GO discounts, Club Med Talent, no alcohol for minors, etc.)
    • Contribute to the atmosphere of bar and participate in events organized by the team
    • Respect the schedule and apply the cleaning process
    • Clean the furniture in the room, counter and the office before, during and after the services
    • Maintain and clean the workstation and the equipment used and self-service drink stations as well as the storage rooms
    • Respect H.A.C.C.P method and bar’s health and safety rules
    • Respect health and safety rules
    • Make sure that unaccompanied minors do not consume alcohol
    All our positions are open to people with disabilities.

    They talk abouttheir job

    Jodie & Antonella
    G.O Barmaids

    You will join the Catering & Bar team

    Restaurants & Bars are our clients’ pleasure spaces where we offer pure moments of happiness throughout the day. By joining the Club Med Restaurant & Bar team, you’ll enjoy a working environment with:

    • Restaurant sittings where an average of over 1,000 meals are served (buffet and plate service)
    • Different Restaurants & Bars each with its own atmosphere (gourmet bar, beach lounge, tasting cellar, etc.) and varying from one resort to another
    • Teams of 10 to 50 staff
    • Collaborative work with other departments (activities, sports, etc.) on events organised at our resorts

    What is it living in a Resort

    • You can go and discover our Resorts established in the most beautiful parts of the world
    • You'll experience unique life moments with the guests and/or your G.O and G.E colleagues, with whom you’ll forge bonds for life
    • You'll have the opportunity to learn and develop with the seasons, discovering new jobs and new services
    • You'll belong to multi-cultural teams, which share the values of being kind and open-minded.

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