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What is a Family Manager at Club Med ?


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Managing the Family Division teams is the number-one mission of the Club Med Family Manager. But what does he or she actually do and how do they get to this position? Find out now!

What is the role of a Club Med Family Manager?

The Club Med Family Manager is the person who supervises all the teams dedicated to children at a Resort. In the establishments, several structures coexist to welcome children according to their age. Naturally, a 4-month-old baby is not looked after in the same way as a 16-year-old teenager. Therefore, Baby Club, Petit Club, Mini Club and Junior Club allow the older children to be separated from the younger ones. The Family Manager is responsible for welcoming parents and children and ensuring the safety and quality of the activities offered to them. As a good manager, he/she motivates his/her teams and works in collaboration with the other departments of the Resort in order to offer them top-of-the-range services. He/she will also be responsible for organizing events for children while respecting the budgets available.

What skills are required to become a Club Med Family Manager?

There are several qualities requirred to become a Club Med Family Manager. When taking care of children, they must be particularly rigorous in terms of safety and hygiene standards. They must have a talent for organization and supervision. In contact with both parents and children, he/she must be reassuring so that the children can blossom and the parents can enjoy their time without having to worry. They must also be creative in proposing original activities and show pedagogy to their teams and especially to the children. Finally, it is impossible not to speak English in order to manage the international clientele that the different Resorts welcome.

How do I get to be a Family Manager at Club Med?

Being a Family Manager at Club Med is not the kind of job you can do right out of school. Ideally, you need to have a diploma related to childcare and then join Club Med via the various jobs offered by the company: Toddler Care Coordinator, Childcare Coordinator, Early Childhood Educator. These types of positions allow you to progress to a Mini Club or Baby Club Supervisor position, for example, and then, ultimately, to Club Med Family Manager. Other management positions up to Village Manager may then be available.

What are the perks of working at Club Med?

In addition to the opportunities for career growth offered by our extensive network of 70 Resorts in France and around the world, Club Med has other benefits to offer. Anyone who has joined one of the Resorts will tell you: you'll have an extraordinary personal and professional experience. Working in an idyllic setting with the opportunity to enjoy the facilities and activities offered in a friendly atmosphere is not for everyone. If you have the opportunity, take it!


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