From the Parisian nurseries to the snow garden of Club Med Les Arcs Panorama, Joanna tells us about her new life experience.


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Hello, my name is Joanna, I'm a 35 year old and I am Young Children Educator.

What does the Club Med experience mean to you?

"The Club Med experience is both a unique professional opportunity and a Resort life in a luxurious setting. Originally from Paris, I've worked in day care centers, medical-educational institutes and nursery schools; I was a little tired of that life and wanted a new challenge. Thanks to Club Med, I found what I was looking for: a seasonal job in France, with accommodation, food, no logistical constraints, in an exceptional environment."


What is it like to work as a Childcare G.O at Les Arcs Panorama?

"First of all, the work environment at Les Arcs Panorama is fantastic! The children have a front row seat, in the heart of the snowy mountains. With the older ones, we went to the snow garden all day long: we taught them to ski, I loved it. The outdoor activities are really nice to do, it's a change from the manual activities I was used to. As for the rest, it's a normal daycare center, with a smaller schedule and therefore a maximum supervision rate."

Describe a typical day off?

"As a ski fan, for me, these 6 months in Les Arcs Panorama will remain unforgettable !  I could enjoy the slopes of the Tarentaise valley every week. I met extraordinary people there, "I found my joie de vivre thanks to this Club Med experience"!"


From a professional point of view, what did the Club Med bring you?

"I would say the opportunity to do several jobs: I was able to help at the bar, I was proud with my tray! Everyone is very welcoming and accessible, G.O, G.E, Service Manager, Village Manager, everyone is part of the same team. Some people didn't have the opportunity to study: Club Med allows you to progress really quickly according to your desires and skills, regardless of your training. It's a real opportunity."


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