The Mini-Club by Sandro, G.O Mini-Club Supervisor


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Hello everyone, my name is Sandro. I am Mini Club Supervisor for all children at Club Med Arcs Panorama.

What are your responsibilities as a Mini Club Supervisor?

"We are considered as Freedom planners, sort of. Our goal is that families and parents can leave their children while being reassured with a competent and trustworthy team. And our main goal is that all families leave with a big smile and wonderful memories of the Club Med."


What is the secret to being a good Mini Club Supervisor?

"There is no secret. Why ? Because we work with our heart. From the first day of the families' arrivals, we do everything we can to make them and their children at ease."


What is your G.O. routine at Club Med?

"Here the routine doesn't exist. Keep in mind that you will be very happy by sharing happiness and taking care of each other."


What did this experience teach you?

"I learned at Club Med that any wish is possible. I also learned to grow up to gain autonomy and responsability."


What do you like at Club Med?

"I wake up proud every morning, knowing that I'm going to do what I enjoy the most. I have the opportunity to know many different cultures, and to travel in beautiful places around the world."


What is your motto?

"A happy child equals happy parents!"


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