Margaux, from Welcome & Services Assistant to manager


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« I learnt to take part in shows when I could never have danced on a stage before. »

« Hello, my name is Margaux, I am the Welcome & Service Manager and I will soon be 30 years old. »

Tell us about your career at Club Med

« I started as a Welcome & Services Assistant, which consists of assisting the manager in preparing the arrival of our G.Ms. I was in charge of all the traffic and my colleague was in charge of the guest relations. My job today is to supervise all these teams. »

3 qualities required to do your job?

« You have to be fluent in French if you are in France, a second language like English is often appreciated, especially in the Alps, as we have many G.Ms from Brazil, Israel and all over the world, you have to be able to adapt. You also have to smile, be friendly, not be afraid and love the contact with people in general and with our G.Ms. You also have to know how to take advantage of the setting that Club Med offers: it's really a pleasure to work here, it's a superb place. »

3 things that make you love your job

« I love meeting new people whether they are G.Os, G.Es or G.Ms, I love talking to everyone, for me it's essential. 

I studied Hotel & Management, so reception is really the next logical step in my career. I love welcoming our guests and making sure that their stay is as pleasant as possible, in terms of quality of service. 

At Club Med you can both work and enjoy moments of conviviality with them and that's an important balance for me. »

3 things that Club Med taught you?

« Self-confidence, I was a very self-centred person. I learnt to take part in shows when I could never have danced on a stage before. I also learned public speaking and management techniques. Club Med offers training courses all the time to boost your skills and to improve. »

What advice would you give to a future candidate applying to Club Med?

« Come as you are, with your qualities and faults, that's what makes everyone different: there are so many personalities and nationalities. Always keep a smile on your face and then you'll see that it's fun. You will love working for Club Med! »

What is your best memory at Club Med?

« I have many... During my last season I met some G.Ms I didn't know and I really hit it off with them. I remember it was during the last season, when those G.Ms left I had a twinge of sadness, it was a fantastic week and it's really nice to be able to meet some nice people during our season. »

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