Events at Club Med, by Louis, Lighting Technician


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My name is Louis, I am a Lighting Technician and I am 23 years old.

What are your main missions?

"My number one mission is the highlighting of the events of the Animation Team such as the shows, the games, etc. Secondly, to set up the lighting according to the stands, the bar, the spa, etc. To highlight them according to the theme of the evening. And finally, everything related to the LED screen for the broadcasting of videos for the shows and the editing of videos also the announces during the day."


Why do you like your job?

"First of all, because of the freedom we have to create things. Nothing is imposed and we are totally free in creating. Secondly, we don't have a routine, each day each week its something different even if we do the the same show, it's never the same show. There will always be issues to solve etc. And finally the infrastructures here at the Club, they are super professional, we have good quality equipments so it's a pleasure to work with it."


What do you often say at work?

"Why isn't he on his ground mark?" because the G.O never respect the marks on the ground. "For the sound, it's my colleague" since we have a Sound Technician and a Light Technician, often people don't know the difference. And before the show: "Three, two, one, go!"."


What are the essential qualities to be a Lighting Technician?

"First of all, you have to be passionate. Then you have to be creative. It's something that can be developped during a season or as the seasons go by, you have to know how to set up something quickly, a show, is also put together quickly so you have to be quick-witted, have ideas quickly. Also, you must know how to work in a team but at the same time be autonomous. Working as a team with our manager, with the Choreographer, with the Sound Technician, you have to communicate with these people. Also to be autonomous, we are the only ones to know how to do what we do in the Resort. So we have to be sure of what we are doing."


What do you like at Club Med?

"It's the freedom we are given. At the same time I am the person who will think about the lighting, who will program it and who will reflect it during the show, which can be different jobs in the show business. So there we are totally free and we have a lot of activities to do. As well, we are part of the Animation Team in the creation of the events. If we have ideas, improvements, events to create we are totally listened by our managers we are also listening to others to give our technical opinion."


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