Resort Event Planning, by Faustin, Event Project Manager


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Hello, my name is Faustin, I am Event Project Manager and I am 26 years old.

What is your background?

"It has now been three and a half years that I've been working for Club Med. I started out as a G.O Ambiance Animator, I worked two seasons.I continued with a job of Amazing Family, between through between the family team and the event team, where you have to create events on a daily basis for families. And now I will start in my fourth resort as an Event Project Manager."


What are your missions?

"Create and design an event program, by contacting the artists and also creating animations in our resorts. The second mission is to ensure the smooth running of the events, also to ensure that the performances are as good as excepted by Club Med. And finally, the third mission is to be the leader, the captain of my team and make the most of it with the help of the members of this amazing event team."


In three words: what is your relationship with your team?

"The first one I will use is the word "Sharing." In an event team it is quite particular because we all have different roles and positions: between the choreographer, the technicians and the DJ. So everyone has a different during the day, and in the event team. So we must always share our ideas so that everyone can bring their stone to the building to create great events. The second word I will use is "Trust", believe in each other's ideas. Everyone has great ideas, we need the contributions of each one to create beautiful events. And finally, the last word that I will use is "Laugh" because above all we laugh a lot in an event team, and this is what I found as the seasons went on. There is always a good mood and a positive dynamism."


Your best memory at Club Med?

"For sure, when we were in Cefalù and it is a memory that has been recurring, are the sunsets by the pool in Cefalù, with Italian music, the "dolce vita", the end of the day, the sound of the sea... it was very pleasant. And finally in each village we manage to have that little memory that makes the difference because we are lucky to work in places truly exceptional."


What do you find unique about your job?

"For me, Club Med is the most beautiful stage in the world. No matter what happens, we have an audience, and we really work with great ressources: whether it is the lighting, the sound equipment, with real professionals of the show, and we really manage to produce some great stuff and give people a smile to people, and also, this is my second reason in what is unique,  is that we have a direct result in everything we produce. We can see directly if it works, if it pleases, and we have this opportunity everyday, to be able to create, to have a direct result,and that is exceptional."


What is your best moment of the day?

"In the evening, after the event, after the applauses of the audience, when we all get together around the bar, on the dance floor, where there is a moment of sharing between G.O and G.M, and that's the Club Med spirit, and I think it's exceptional because the magic operates every time, every night."


What advice would you give to a future G.O. at Club Med?

"The first one will be: don't hesitate, go for it! We are fortunate at Club Med to be able to work in exceptional places, with very good technical means, in addition with prospects of evolution, we have a lot of internal trainings. The second thing is: dare, undertake! As I said earlier "The most beautiful stage in the world". You will be able everyday to try, create new things. With this pioneering spirit which is one of the major factors at Club Med. And finally the last thing is: live your passion! Animation and events come from the heart, it's something that is in our blood. And I'm sure you will, if you watch this video, is that you have it in you and you want to to become Event Projet Manager at Club Med."


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