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Which jobs for a seasonal employee with no experience?


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Are you looking for a job for the vacations or a more permanent position? What job can you do without experience and/or a diploma?
Find out all the information you need to find a job when you want to become a seasonal employee and you have no experience.


What seasonal job without experience?

It is sometimes difficult to take your first steps in the working world without any previous professional experience. However, it's important to get started. Some sectors that recruit allow you to get internal training to make it easier to take over the job and integrate... The candidate's qualities and previous experiences, other than professional (in the associative or sports world, for example), can also make a difference. And there are many jobs that recruit without experience or a diploma. To access them, it is important to know how to put forward your qualities and skills acquired other than through a salaried job.

How to find a seasonal job without experience

Among the jobs that recruit without experience, there are many positions, for example, in farming (harvesting, grape picking, etc.) or in the hotel and restaurant business. From dishwasher to waiter, or also accommodation... There are many jobs open to candidates who have no experience or specific diploma and who are motivated to work in a profession where progression is easy if you give yourself the means. You will have to work on your resume and prepare your job interview well to get the precious ticket.

Working at Club Med without experience is possible

Beyond diplomas and professional experience, which are essential for certain jobs, Club Med recruits above all personalities. Among the 130 jobs available in Club Med Resorts, positions such as Dishwasher, Room Maintenance Employee, Restaurant Employee, Common Area Maintenance Employee, etc. (non-exhaustive list) are open to candidates with no experience and no diploma. Club Med also offers work-study positions that allow candidates to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, continuous training and the transmission of knowledge are at the heart of our company's preoccupations, which are to develop the skills of our employees, the G.Os (Gentle Organizers) and G.Es (Gentle Employees), to ensure their career progression.

Qualities sought after to work at Club Med


Kindness, customer service, adaptability, autonomy and open-mindedness are all qualities sought by Club Med. If you have a degree but no significant professional experience, you can join our teams to develop your skills: young people with a culinary diploma or a diploma in the hotel and restaurant sector, sports graduates: you can make a living from your passion in France (at the sea or in the mountains, for example) or abroad in one of our 70 Resorts. Fluency in other languages is a great asset for working at Club Med.

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