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Club Med Exclusive Collection: our luxury range and its professions


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The Exclusive Collection is Club Med's version of the luxury range. On the menu: exclusive premium services in the world's most beautiful locations. So that everyone - G.Ms (Gentle Members), G.Os (Gentle Organizers), G.Es (Gentle Employees) - can enjoy unforgettable, emotionally-charged experiences.

Club Med Exclusive Collection: what's the concept?

The Club Med Exclusive Collection is a certain idea of luxury whose codes have been reinvented with Club Med's DNA. On the program: exclusive, top-of-the-range services offered to our G.Ms by Club Med teams, both ambassadors of luxury and vectors for the sharing of unique experiences in the world's most beautiful locations. In this Premium version of Club Med vacations, which in some respects come close to a 6-trident Club Med label, attention to the smallest details is paramount to ensure the highest level of personalized service.

What are the 4 types of Exclusive Collection stays?


The Exclusive Collection luxury range is made up of four types of vacation offered in different regions of the world, by the sea or in the mountains, in Club Med Exclusive Collection Resorts for the most luxurious. For Club Med, tridents are the equivalent of stars in the hotel and restaurant sector. These variations on the same idea of luxury include :

  • Villas & Chalets, offering personalized service to make our G.Ms feel right at home;
  • Exclusive Collection Resorts, for sensational experiences in some of the world's most beautiful locations;
  • Exclusive Collection Spaces, where our G.Ms enjoy Premium suites, high-end private spaces and ultra-personalized luxury services;
  • the five-masted sailing yacht, offering adventurous travel experiences, with the comfort and services of the Exclusive Collection, for a whole new appreciation of the jewels of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Exclusive Collection: what profiles are we looking for?

We are looking for people who already have experience in the luxury hotel industry. Attention to detail and Club Med Exclusive Collection service are a must, as the G.Os and G.Es of the Exclusive Collection are the ambassadors of Club Med's very high end. In addition to embodying luxury and refinement, our staff are by nature open to others and the world, enjoying contact with others and sharing unforgettable experiences with our guests.

Employment: what's in it for the Exclusive Collection?

For our Exclusive Collection staff, it's an opportunity to work in paradisiacal locations and luxurious infrastructures, offering privileged exchanges with our G.Ms. It's a professional experience full of meaning, based on ultra-customized services and highly valued in the pursuit of a career. More than just a professional experience, working at Club Med for the Exclusive Collection is above all an exceptional experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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