Our recruitment process

    Our recruitment process in Resorts

    Step 1: Application

    You've applied for your dream job!

    Step 2: Telephone interview

    Our recruitment team contacts you for an initial 15-minute telephone interview.

    Step 3: Recruitment session

    Your interview was a success! You’re invited to take part in a recruitment session with a final interview. Do you live too far away? Are you unavailable? You’ll be invited to an online session and you'll have the opportunity to have your interview via webcam.

    Step 4: Employment

    Are you joining our teams? Well done! While waiting to find out where you’ll be going, you’ll be in regular contact with our recruitment team (via email or over the telephone)

    Step 5: Resort assignment

    Our recruitment team contacts you to give you the name of your future Resort. Is your suitcase packed? You might be leaving very soon!

    Step 6: Departure

    The big day is here! Your departure to a Resort is imminent. An HR team and your manager will be there to welcome you.

    Our recruitment advices

    Get your application completed

    ⬜ Apply for a job on clubmedjobs.com

    ⬜ Attach your CV and a covering letter, to stack all the odds in your favour

    ⬜ Follow the @clubmedjobs page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to anticipate your future working environment

    Your application has been accepted and you’ve got an initial telephone interview

    ⬜ Browse the site so you know what to expect as part of your daily life as a G.O or G.E

    ⬜ Find a quiet space to have the interview as calmly as possible

    ⬜ Be ready to answer any technical questions about your job

    ⬜ Let’s go! You have 15 minutes to talk about yourself, your expectations and your experience.

    You’ve just landed an invitation to a recruitment session and an interview

    ⬜ Arrive on time, because punctuality is a much-appreciated quality

    ⬜ Go for a casual look but not too casual, so you can be comfortable while giving the best image of yourself

    ⬜ Stay relaxed, the recruiter is a former G.O who will be able to put you at ease

    You’re about to go into your interview with a Club Med recruiter

    ⬜ Prepare for your interview, success is 90% preparation!

    ⬜ Demonstrate your skills and knowledge about your core business

    ⬜ Be enthusiastic and be sure to enter into conversation and ask questions

    ⬜ As well as your experience, share what drives you, motivates you and captivates you with the recruiter

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