Village Logistic Coordinator

    Village Logistic Coordinator
    Job type

    job.sidebar.contract_types.CDD saisonnier de 3 à 8 mois


    In one of our resorts in Mexico, Caribbean or Canada

    The All Inclusive Career  Compensation package includes:
    • 6 months contract (renewable)
    • Round trip airfare covered
    • Room & board provided
    • Full access to all resort amenities
    • Competitive salary and healthcare package  

    Generic missions



    • Assist the Village Logistics Supervisor in the control of the products compliance delivered with the orders placed: nature of products, weight, quantity, price, denomination, origin, shelf life, temperature, condition and visual appearance, labelling, packaging, etc
    • Ensure the presence of a member of the kitchen team to control fresh and frozen food products.
    • Refuse damaged, non-compliant/non-ordered/surplus products in from the order and notify any issue on the delivery note.
    • Enter on the system the receipts of goods in the supply tool within the time limits
    • Report to the Village Logistics Supervisor irregularities or errors found in the product catalogs or the supplier database.



    • Apply and enforce inventory management procedures, and comply with health & safety standards
    • Contribute to the reliability of IT stocks through the rigorous use of IT systems for all stock movements (goods receipt, outward stock movement, inventories).
    • Contribute to the organization of reserves in order to:
      • Ensure the safety of the employee (in particular by ensuring easy circulation, the absence of clutter or dangerous piles).
      • Guarantee the good state of conservation of the products (Cleaning of reserves, temperatures, air circulation …).
      • Optimize storage space (to facilitate daily work).
      • Securing access to goods (including sensitive or dangerous products).


    • Inform his hierarchy of the risks of stockouts, overstocks, dormant stocks or obsolete stocks.
    • Assist the Village Logistics Supervisor on a monthly basis to carry out an exhaustive inventory (F&B and Supply) with the PDA and justify all the discrepancies between the actual stock in the stores and the IT tools.
    • Carry out rotating inventories by survey in the stores following the recommendations of the Village Logistics Supervisor



    • Prepare and make available in quantity, quality and in accordance with the schedule, the products according to the requests for outings made by the Responsible of Services.
    • Ensure the management of product returns.
      Check that all exit vouchers are validated and signed by the Responsible of Services or its delegation at the time of delivery of the goods.
    • Assist the Village Logistics Supervisor in the training and support of Service Managers in the use of information systems for exit and need requests (support in the village for the management of the change of equipment or other).



    • Ensure hygiene and cleanliness in its line of work by respecting rules and business standards.
    • Contributes to the proper management of the department's waste (sorting, gathering…)
    • Contributes to the proper management of hazardous products in the department (storage, safety equipment…).



    • Accompany and motivate, by his presence and his involvement, his team through daily activities.
    • Managing by proximity: showing, training and enforcing.
    • Check compliance with the time schedule established by the Village Logistics Supervisor.
    • Distribute and assign tasks to your team with fairness in mind.
    • Be exemplary though its visibility with teams and customers.
    • Maintain excellent collaborative and efficient relationships with the Responsible of Services.



    • Responsible of Services satisfaction level.
    • Compliance with procedures: goods receipts, inventory management, access to inventory, etc.
    • Application of safety rules for goods and people, hygiene and food safety standard. 
    • Reliability of stocks and quality of inventories.

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