Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

    Environmental, Health & Safety Manager
    Job type

    Fixed-term contract


    In one of our resorts in Mexico, Caribbean or Canada

    Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences

    The All Inclusive Career  Compensation package includes:
    • 6 months contract (renewable)
    • Transportation covered
    • Room & board provided
    • Full access to all resort amenities
    • Competitive salary and healthcare package  

    Experience of 1 to 2 years desired in the function in a 4 to 5* hotel

    You are
    • Flexible, agile
    • Attentive
    • Good people skills/customer rapport
    • Meticulous
    • Responsive
    You will
    • Support the General Manager (CDV) to set up Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Key Performance Indicators for managers, in line with Business Unit (BU) Hygiene & Safety department.
    • Support managers on EHS risk assessment. Ensure that the resort has conducted – and updated when needed - a risk assessment and define an action plan to ensure that all the risks are under control
    • Be a business partner for resort management to help them in the implementation of the EHS process : support the implementation in the resort of all EHS procedures, standards and operational aspects coming from corporate or BU. In coordination with local management, help to the implementation of all those processes.
    • With the support of corporate/BU departments, check if the resort and activities are in accordance with the local laws and regulations and in case of gaps, help the management to define the adapted action plan.
    • Help HR Manager to identify all EHS training required or necessary for the GO/GE and help HR department to find the adapted training solution in cooperation with UDT department (internal or external in accordance with the local regulation)
    • Be able to detect other infectious diseases in cooperation with experts (doctors, nurses) and alert adequate actors
    • Accompany the implementation of the “Safe Together” program as well other infectious disease prevention protocols by the managers of the services concerned and coordinate their good execution/implementation between services;
    • Train the RDS to ensure they apply the proper protocols in their services
    • Be the contact person for external suppliers to lead and coordinate the audits (Food, Room and Aqua checks), with the presence of all key managers concerned.
    • Follow up recommendations and their implementation by the mangers concerned & prioritize actions to implement
    • Guarantee the compliance of the village with the Happy to Care program
    • Adopt a proactive attitude to improve the sustainable development approach of the village
    • Consolidate the solidarity actions already in place and develop new ones according to the Club Med Foundation strategy
    • Design and deploy the HACCP plan established under international regulations and local standards and adapted to products and processes used in the village (management teams and concerned services are involved)
    • Follow and Control the regulatory functional or operational compliance of products, processes, facilities and equipment related to food, water, and housekeeping department.
    • Remind the team of the good practices of hygiene in their workplace and check that they are applied.
    • Identify and analyse the failures and non-conformities, diagnose the causes and identify corrective actions in collaboration with stakeholders.
    • Depending on the severity and frequency of non-compliance, alert the department heads, pole heads and / or Chief of Village/General Manager and Hygiene and Food Safety Manager APAC
    • Regularly perform audits in the F& B areas (stores/receiving areas/kitchen/restaurant/bar) to monitor the implementation and compliance with the HACCP plan requirement.
    • Regularly perform Room and public area cleaning audit
    • Regularly perform audits on our Water management procedure in all areas related with water usage in village/resort (ex: swimming pools, spa, guest and staff rooms…etc.), including legionella protocol
    • Accompany laboratories and external/internal audits, and follow the action plans with teams.
    • Ensure the follow up of the Pest Control Management Plan by the Technical manager, according to the HACCP Plan requirements.
    • Support Finance Manager to ensure certificate management system is applied for his scope.

    In becoming a Environmental, Health & safety Manager, you will benefit from the infrastructures and activities offered by Club Med. And if you get the urge, you can even step on stage to show your talent! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

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