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    You are

    • Friendly, you are gifted in representing Club Med’s values to customers and employees.
    • Key to our activity, you work with different departments and contribute to our overall success.
    • Well-organised, you know our processes like the back of your hand and apply them meticulously.

    You will

    • Maintain lists for the authorities as well as for the safety of the vessel (passport number, age, nationality, etc.).
    • Assist the HRO in filling out the forms for the authorities
    • Develop and implement tools to meet the requirements of authorities (lists in a particular format (XML, direct mail, PMS)) and passenger expectations (TPE, proxy, openSUSE)
    • Assist the HRR in filling out forms for the authorities
    • Ensure the proper maintenance of computer, electronic and electrical equipment for Club Med (computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, cell phones)
    • Be the IT department's relay for any IT request (opening and follow-up of incidents for Ecomat, PMS, email, internet, faulty hardware, etc.).
    • Assist the crew (windows reinstallation, anti-virus, updates, internet connection, iPod/iPhone, etc.).

    You willYou will grow with us


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