Exclusive Collection

    Cub Med Exclusive Collection, a new experience of Luxury

    A new chapter is about to be written and you could be part of it!

    A new chapter is about to be written and you could be part of it!

    In keeping with our market position, we have created the luxurious Club Med Exclusive Collection.

    Our pledge? To be the very symbol of a brand new Luxury experience. The Luxury of elegance, an eye for detail and mindfulness towards each individual customer, combined with goodwill, simplicity, authentic relationships and, of course, Club Med’s legendary spirit of togetherness.

    4 experiences to be enjoyed by the sea or in the mountains, so that your professional expectations may be fulfilled:  


    • more than 10 countries including France, Italy, Mexico, the Seychelles, Mauritius...

    • Club Med Exclusive Collection Resorts 

    • Club Med Exclusive Collection Zones in our 4-Trident Resorts

    • Club Med Villas & Chalets

    • Club Med 2, our legendary 5-mast Yacht

    Today, nearly 10% of our GOs & GEs are employed in our Club Med Exclusive Collection destinations across the world.


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    More information about Club Med Exclusive Collection

     A range that has hit the Luxury market as well as the job market with the wind in its sails

    Club Med Exclusive Collection promises a unique work experience based on operational excellence, skills development and a personal approach to mindfulness. With the emphasis on human relationships, the magic operates within a world of luxury at these outstanding sites.

    And with the creation of our new Club Med Exclusive Collection Zones and Resorts, our recruitment needs are set to intensify by 2022.

    An HR promise based on three pillars:

    • Expertise: mastering operational excellence in your business
    • Soft skills: embodying excellence in customer relations 
    • A desire to bring out the best in you

    So, if you  are...

    So, if you  are...

    • A Luxury ambassador: your job is your passion. With a meticulous eye for detail, you represent prestige
    • Open to others: you enjoy human contact and sharing emotions
    • A creator of experiences: you understand our guests and surprise them with a personalised approach that makes them feel unique
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